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RAdvantage is bringing you tips for some of the hardest achievements on the site. As always, our DMs remain open at RANews, if you have tips for any 100 point or other very difficult achievements you have earned please let us and the rest of the community know.

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One Piece: Romance Dawn - Bouken no Yoake PlayStation Portable Role-Playing Game

Achievement Description
Synthesis: UCF Equipment Synthesize 75% of the “UCF” equipment. [87/117, Check forum for items]
Synthesis: RB Equipment Synthesize 75% of the “RB” equipment. [24/35, Check forum for items]
Synthesis: Designer Equipment Synthesize 75% of the “Designer” equipment. [37/52, Check forum for items]

This trio of achievements are the time sink of this game, and because this game only has Japanese as the language with a non-completed buggy English translation, finding info on this was hard and took a bit experimenting myself. I’ll give general tips on these since there is not a set order of things you need to do. Before actively starting to go after these, I’d advise to go through the whole game, finishing up all the optional islands, also unlocking the EX Admiral Aokiji island, which you can unlock by visiting some islands in order. You can easily find this info online, since it is required for another achievement I’ll not be explaining that here.

Blendedsea has a Synthesis Translation List spreadsheet in the official topic which could be helpful while going through the achievements for the Japanese name of items, since you’ll need to swap between Japanese & English languages by using two different isos since some items exceed the name space in the translation game shows a black screen while trying to check your inventory in English patch. (You can also just use the Japanese one, which I would recommend for the grinding part.)

Throughout this whole grind, fast forward will be your biggest helper. Islands have some pre-set layouts, I would say there are 4-5 map layouts per island type(prison, snowy, green etc.) and the exit will always be at the same place for that map layout so after a while you can learn the exit places and just run to the exit with fast forward. If you get caught by mobs you should escape from the fight, you probably will be able to escape most of the time, tho sometimes you cant and you may need to kill that group but that is very rare.

And also before you start grinding (and also during grinding if you get the direct item drop instead of the material), if you have an RB or UCF item in your inventory (you can easily check this because they have ‘RB’ or ‘UCF’ in the name) you can break these down and craft them back to get the craft done. You can do this by going to the shop at the very east of East Blue that unlocks after you beat the main story and purchasing the ‘Undo Tool’ (分甯ツール in Japanese), that costs 10000 berry and has a sack as its item icon. After purchasing it you can use the last option from the synthesis menu to break down the item.

The shop I talked about above also sells items for the Designer achivement, you can buy the first craft item of the designer crafts from here and you will only need to farm the designs, which you can farm by running around the islands and opening chests. Again fast forward is a huge help running around for chests.

For actual grinding, you will be farming the roaming bosses that spawn around the map on islands, they have set locations they spawn in and they will be spawning in a set order that will be the same each time. Best way to rotate through bosses is by swapping maps between East Blue and Grand Line repeatedly until the boss you’d like spawns. There is a 2 boss limit for active bosses on the map, they normally despawn themselves but if they dont feel like despawning you can go between two different nodes to despawn them after a while. Some bosses spawn far away from the East Blue-Grand Line node, for these you can make use of Green Islands (which are only cutscene islands) that are close to spawn locations and instantly skip the cutscene a few times to spawn. I recommend saving in the overworld right after getting every new material drop, and reloading if you can’t get to the next boss in time, since their spawn time changes after each reload, so you can catch them after a reload.

Best way to farm these roaming bosses are spawning right before going into the boss floor and reloading til they drop their loot, most bosses have 1-2 drops with some of them having more. Again most bosses have a specific drop that is unique to them and then another Jolly Roger(Pirate Flag) drop that is shared between some bosses depending on their story. There is very little info on these but you can check the forum post I made in the game’s forum to check some data I gathered.

Kizaru, Hancock and Akainu started spawning on the boss rotation as roaming bosses after I farmed roaming bosses repeatedly, my guess is you need to kill a set amount of roaming bosses or kill all the bosses at least once, but they’ll start appearing if you keep at it so don’t lose hope. After killing these three Whitebeard and Admiral Aokiji should start appearing on the boss rotation too.

Also Character Medals started appearing after I encountered Admiral Aokiji for the first time, so dont try to farm for those until then. Since I farmed a lot (believe me a lot) and they didnt drop until that point.

These were the tips I made use of while farming for these three achievements, it was a fairly long grind for me and lack of info contributed to this so I hope these tips help in some way if you plan on mastering this game.