The following users and devs listed here reached a new milestone last month.

Points Overall

250,000 Points

Andrey199650 Andrey199650    

125,000 Points

YamatoVergil YamatoVergil Nevermond12 Nevermond12 NeowaveBR NeowaveBR
BrothersGames BrothersGames    

100,000 Points

FlamingDoom FlamingDoom DavidYTBR2 DavidYTBR2  

75,000 Points

MrDynamite MrDynamite MarioX4 MarioX4 LateNightRetro LateNightRetro
Beulu79 Beulu79 14ausher 14ausher  

50,000 Points

Zytahui Zytahui Zouiguipopo Zouiguipopo zenanomaly zenanomaly
xeiden xeiden VinnyBill VinnyBill Tarikkanbour Tarikkanbour
Sutarion Sutarion Spamtec Spamtec sludgemastic sludgemastic
Reno22 Reno22 OldSport OldSport mike50900 mike50900
MeV3Ker MeV3Ker MarioKness MarioKness Marcur01 Marcur01
Malkil Malkil LogicalFallacy LogicalFallacy Hunser Hunser
GUGA0x3 GUGA0x3 FrancisFreudespiel FrancisFreudespiel Flemm Flemm
Excessiveiser Excessiveiser Botch Botch Andrevus Andrevus

25,000 Points

xenoriddley xenoriddley Vichan Vichan topman92 topman92
tmap tmap TimeLink TimeLink stonedphilosopherleo stonedphilosopherleo
SmallRoach SmallRoach Shaoden Shaoden ReeseKaine ReeseKaine
Rampagingtaru Rampagingtaru Poefred Poefred Piccolo Piccolo
Peouz Peouz partnerslayer partnerslayer Olra Olra
moeperson225 moeperson225 Mindhral Mindhral midgetstrawdog midgetstrawdog
Lipe33 Lipe33 KingisKong KingisKong kandata kandata
jNastyWSA jNastyWSA JailDesigner JailDesigner Higashii Higashii
hadescthulhu hadescthulhu fnrakie fnrakie fluffytoycoy fluffytoycoy
FerretPlayingPS4 FerretPlayingPS4 Eltana Eltana DimensionBomber DimensionBomber
DaniWoX DaniWoX danillowesker danillowesker CrashyBash CrashyBash
Boban Boban bdjeffyp bdjeffyp AuroraX AuroraX
4lexGrey 4lexGrey    

Retro Points Overall

Excluded this month due to website changes affecting how retro points are calculated. This will return next month!

Hardcore Achievements

35,000 Hardcore Achievements Earned

HippopotamusRex HippopotamusRex    

25,000 Hardcore Achievements Earned

donutweegee donutweegee CobaltZeroni CobaltZeroni  

20,000 Hardcore Achievements Earned

Jungon Jungon ilikepie345 ilikepie345 BerserkerBR BerserkerBR

15,000 Hardcore Achievements Earned

Vyach59 Vyach59 TheJ5333 TheJ5333 BrothersGames BrothersGames

10,000 Hardcore Achievements Earned

PaddyW PaddyW multonic multonic LittleTiger LittleTiger
Kinghippo44 Kinghippo44 Etron Etron  

5,000 Hardcore Achievements Earned

WKGames WKGames Togeyosh Togeyosh TheLastBorba TheLastBorba
sludgemastic sludgemastic SleeplessSP SleeplessSP MplsVATO MplsVATO
moeperson225 moeperson225 METRO METRO MasamuneNKX MasamuneNKX
lypsix lypsix Lanius Lanius joker1000 joker1000
JankyyAF JankyyAF grishka grishka grapeisgreat grapeisgreat
FerretPlayingPS4 FerretPlayingPS4 FarfetchDoomer FarfetchDoomer FachaFC FachaFC
DuckswanTheAlbatross DuckswanTheAlbatross Dominic Dominic dizzykei dizzykei
DigitalDusk DigitalDusk Deikorim Deikorim D0ubleWhammy D0ubleWhammy
ChocoMilk ChocoMilk Chaos447 Chaos447 Cassievania Cassievania
BFeroni BFeroni alphacrust alphacrust  

4,000 Hardcore Achievements Earned

zaqsce147539 zaqsce147539 xcommander xcommander virgilio27 virgilio27
Vichan Vichan vekucloud vekucloud TrunksTheHeroOfTime TrunksTheHeroOfTime
Snapouille Snapouille sllide sllide SirDragonBeard SirDragonBeard
Scout Scout saulovyny saulovyny rowdy2783 rowdy2783
RetroSprites RetroSprites ReiKaz ReiKaz ReeseKaine ReeseKaine
Rarchie Rarchie Rampagingtaru Rampagingtaru r0ach3d r0ach3d
PsyHunter29 PsyHunter29 prost0pizdec prost0pizdec pozzony pozzony
Nightsuno Nightsuno Nepiki Nepiki mywifeleftm mywifeleftm
Myanjo Myanjo Mooseh Mooseh Mindhral Mindhral
jNastyWSA jNastyWSA GregHouse007 GregHouse007 FistyDollars FistyDollars
Fanonos Fanonos Calsun Calsun Biscoitero Biscoitero
Biglenny99 Biglenny99 Bartis1989 Bartis1989 BarryBurtonBlodia BarryBurtonBlodia
AppleDashGamer AppleDashGamer    

3,000 Hardcore Achievements Earned

Vastolorde Vastolorde TraumaTurtle TraumaTurtle Tortuguita Tortuguita
topman92 topman92 Tiger21820 Tiger21820 TheWorstAmy TheWorstAmy
T800KEN T800KEN staas1 staas1 slashfour21 slashfour21
SirSomeguy SirSomeguy ringo58 ringo58 rexpowercolt12 rexpowercolt12
Renato9555 Renato9555 ReiAyanami ReiAyanami PS2wizard PS2wizard
Piesu2137 Piesu2137 Osodrilo Osodrilo Olra Olra
Nighthard Nighthard McFarts McFarts manakate manakate
LittleMIXER LittleMIXER Lifeinsteps Lifeinsteps LeakyComet LeakyComet
L0an47 L0an47 kyleseedorf kyleseedorf jroe206535 jroe206535
fluffytoycoy fluffytoycoy FloofMandra FloofMandra EthanLikezCatz EthanLikezCatz
endresults endresults Empovyle Empovyle Dest Dest
CrashyBash CrashyBash CowboyYojimbo CowboyYojimbo Boban Boban
blakyoshi blakyoshi BigFish BigFish AzureDevil AzureDevil
Azgorath Azgorath AuroraX AuroraX andersondias andersondias
4lexGrey 4lexGrey    

100-Point Achievements

40 100-Point Achievements Earned

HippopotamusRex HippopotamusRex    

30 100-Point Achievements Earned

yopadato yopadato Blazekickn Blazekickn  

20 100-Point Achievements Earned

missiray missiray Adenothe Adenothe  

15 100-Point Achievements Earned

gustavovaladares gustavovaladares GreninjaMan GreninjaMan Agnam Agnam

10 100-Point Achievements Earned

SakuyaBestWaifu SakuyaBestWaifu Renan007 Renan007 OldSport OldSport
metalbubble403 metalbubble403 Kinghippo44 Kinghippo44 Ideasds Ideasds
HolySanctum HolySanctum DireWareWolf DireWareWolf Biscoitero Biscoitero

5 100-Point Achievements Earned

Waishler Waishler TimeLink TimeLink Sevelik51 Sevelik51
plutopower plutopower Onislaygamer Onislaygamer Ness64 Ness64
MustadioB MustadioB MeV3Ker MeV3Ker MelodyAsh MelodyAsh
ManyHours ManyHours Levenber Levenber IzaNamiZX IzaNamiZX
hyperloony hyperloony Chancool Chancool Bendyhuman Bendyhuman
belarus belarus Bartis1989 Bartis1989 AuroraX AuroraX
AllKindsOfJames AllKindsOfJames Advent Advent  

Site Awards

1,100 Site Awards Earned

guineu guineu    

700 Site Awards Earned

Sarconius Sarconius    

600 Site Awards Earned

Lonoke31 Lonoke31 Jungon Jungon  

400 Site Awards Earned

Draco655 Draco655    

300 Site Awards Earned

Transistor Transistor Maximdraco Maximdraco BrothersGames BrothersGames

200 Site Awards Earned

Timmay Timmay TheJediSonic TheJediSonic sludgemastic sludgemastic
Shinrashinobi Shinrashinobi Nevanos Nevanos leislonjose leislonjose
GregHouse007 GregHouse007 DavidYTBR2 DavidYTBR2 alphacrust alphacrust

100 Site Awards Earned

Zouiguipopo Zouiguipopo Whoops Whoops Val1407 Val1407
TheNegativeIon TheNegativeIon Pronin86 Pronin86 prismfighter prismfighter
Piccolo Piccolo PenguGG PenguGG OppaTOM OppaTOM
Mindhral Mindhral Lifeinsteps Lifeinsteps Gneve Gneve
gmbgustavo gmbgustavo Fanonos Fanonos bruhgamer bruhgamer
Brandovsky Brandovsky Borysewicz Borysewicz bizarf bizarf
Biscoitero Biscoitero Bartis1989 Bartis1989  


6,000 Leaderboards Joined

Amir96lx Amir96lx    

4,000 Leaderboards Joined

Grahamtams Grahamtams    

2,500 Leaderboards Joined

ShadwSonic ShadwSonic Doggy227 Doggy227 cavsfan2313 cavsfan2313
AllKindsOfJames AllKindsOfJames    

2,000 Leaderboards Joined

Lonoke31 Lonoke31 Daroachie Daroachie  

1,500 Leaderboards Joined

Zouiguipopo Zouiguipopo xClawz xClawz wolfman2000 wolfman2000
Sylrifaide Sylrifaide Sairotra Sairotra rev rev
MarioKness MarioKness HippopotamusRex HippopotamusRex Dennis1543 Dennis1543
DavidYTBR2 DavidYTBR2 Aquator Aquator 14ausher 14ausher

1,000 Leaderboards Joined

Zaykros Zaykros yoshter2011 yoshter2011 Wimpyfox Wimpyfox
Tirbaba Tirbaba Tayadaoc Tayadaoc RedCoin RedCoin
LiamBull1996 LiamBull1996 leislonjose leislonjose KingisKong KingisKong
JAM JAM heintsi heintsi Dust24and7 Dust24and7
diablo666 diablo666 dericobanjo dericobanjo ArmasFM ArmasFM
AkumaTNT AkumaTNT Agnam Agnam Advent Advent

500 Leaderboards Joined

Zyliqx Zyliqx zumbertinho zumbertinho Xeinok Xeinok
Vyach59 Vyach59 VectorPrime40 VectorPrime40 TraumaTurtle TraumaTurtle
spoorloos spoorloos speedruntrainer speedruntrainer SirSomeguy SirSomeguy
sineeth sineeth shotmaker shotmaker Saturn185 Saturn185
RockStarLexxi RockStarLexxi Rileyyy Rileyyy RetroRobb RetroRobb
pigsymalion pigsymalion Nezperdian Nezperdian Mosk59 Mosk59
Monomaru Monomaru leonelcaue leonelcaue gmbgustavo gmbgustavo
geordie geordie gammacm gammacm GamingWithDrew GamingWithDrew
foxsevent foxsevent fe3001 fe3001 Falkkensys Falkkensys
elbearno elbearno DJtheMan DJtheMan dismother26 dismother26
Darkfang114 Darkfang114 CMatador CMatador ChocoMilk ChocoMilk
ChaoxRipper ChaoxRipper Bushando64 Bushando64 Blatancy Blatancy
BizarroStormy BizarroStormy Azgorath Azgorath alphacrust alphacrust
AgentYous AgentYous    

Achievement Developer Milestones

Achievements Created

4,000 Achievements Created

AlexGatao AlexGatao    

2,000 Achievements Created

siouxerskate siouxerskate    

1,000 Achievements Created

YuriRod50248 YuriRod50248 TheJediSonic TheJediSonic  

500 Achievements Created

RyudoSynbios RyudoSynbios Jenettebaghead Jenettebaghead Coloradohusky Coloradohusky
acheaplemon acheaplemon    

Points Awarded

2,500,000 Points Awarded to Users

zxmega zxmega    

1,000,000 Points Awarded to Users

MrGauss MrGauss    

500,000 Points Awarded to Users

TheMysticalOne TheMysticalOne popoki popoki pgj1997 pgj1997
mopain85 mopain85    

250,000 Points Awarded to Users

TheJediSonic TheJediSonic suXin suXin suspect15 suspect15
ladynadiad ladynadiad KurkaWodna KurkaWodna Cadaxar Cadaxar
Brandovsky Brandovsky    

100,000 Points Awarded to Users

Suffa28 Suffa28 RyudoSynbios RyudoSynbios Maximdraco Maximdraco
herrshaun herrshaun Guinea Guinea BlotchJBMR BlotchJBMR

Achievements Awarded

500,000 Achievements Awarded to Users

Dissection Dissection    

100,000 Achievements Awarded to Users

timenoe timenoe Jamiras Jamiras Atheistpanic Atheistpanic

Code Notes

10,000 Code Notes Created

ladynadiad ladynadiad    

2,500 Code Notes Created

JAM JAM DarknessZedzi DarknessZedzi  

1,000 Code Notes Created

MrBot3 MrBot3 Guinea Guinea bennz13 bennz13

Leaderboards Created

2,500 Leaderboards Created

PsyHunter29 PsyHunter29    

250 Leaderboards Created

TheMysticalOne TheMysticalOne LogicalFallacy LogicalFallacy  

100 Leaderboards Created

clymax clymax