Snatcher (Sega CD)

Game Console Genre
Snatcher Sega CD Visual Novel, Graphic Adventure

Set Author: televandalist, wilhitewarrior
RAGuide Author: PenguGG


This guide will be about all the achievements for the game, and will also help you into achieving the General rank, the highest rank in the game. It is possible to go for all of the achievements in 1 playthrough (minus 1 achievement) by using saves, and it is suggested to do so, as many achievements are easily missable due to some places or options being no longer available when getting far enough through the story, or some achievements related to certain events that you wouldn’t want to do them if pursuing the General rank.

Sweet Smell of Success (50)
Complete Act III with the General rank

Generally, to increase your rank the following is required:

  • Answer all the questions correctly and in the intended way by the game;
  • Finish all the shooting segments by taking the fewest amount of damage and missing the fewest amount of shots;
  • Do not die and select continue. Reloading a save circumvents this penalty;
  • Don’t do any interactions that are considered bad, creepy, or that make you look incompetent. It is suggested to reload a prior save to these events if you do them;
  • Using too many options that lead to nowhere will cause your rank to drop all the way to Captain. Either Spamming the same option, moving to places not required, or even using every option once, unless they they are intended to progress. It is suggested to follow a route that has the minimum amount of options used to get through the game.

There are certain factors to keep in mind:

  • The amount of saves done does not matter;
  • Time spent in total to finish the game is not taken into account;
  • Score at the Shooting Range on any difficulty doesn’t have any impact;
  • Most of the extra dialog or events that are not negative do not contribute for ranking.

While doing the secondary events is not necessary, the game requires some events to be done to be able to get the General rank. Even just doing these events and nothing else can award you the rank, as long as the normal requirements for increasing the rank are followed.

It is possible to go for all the other events while going for the rank. However, some events will be bad enough to drop your rank, even getting just one of them. All of these events will be marked to identify which is which. For achievements about bad events, it is suggested to make a save before doing them, so to not jeopardize your run. Story related achievements won’t have a need to be marked, as you’d have to do them anyway.

NEUTRAL - Nothing is affected

NEGATIVE - Will drop your rank

IMPORTANT - Necessary for General rank

Saving the Day (25)
Complete the game with less than 3 saves

It is not suggested to go for this achievement on the first playthrough, as you’d have to work with just 2 saves throughout the game, while trying to do everything. It is better to go for this when done with everything else, so to not having to be preoccupied about rank, or use this opportunity to clean up anything missed.

Act 1: Snatch

Sowing the Seeds
Watch the entire intro

Enjoy the intro in it’s entirety.

A Random Topic (3)
Find out about Random Hajile from the Chief

When meeting the Chief for the first time, you’ll be able to ASK him about any topics. If you pick ABOUT JUNKER AUTHORITY 3 times, you’ll get ABOUT BOUNTY HUNTERS as an option. Choosing this, the name Random Hajile will be mentioned in the dialog.

The Big Boss (2)
Use Jordan to look up Snatcher’s creator

You can do this as early as asking Mika HOW TO USE in the Computer Room while she’s showing you around.

While in the Computer Room, pick USE JORDAN. Write the name KOJIMA in the I.D. file search to find his file.

It’s the Only Way to Be Sure! (5)
Shoot only the civilians and no snatchers without missing any shots while Mika looks on in horror

While Mika is showing you around Junker after meeting the Chief, you can go into the shooting range and choose PRACTICE. Instead of shooting Snatchers as you should, shoot all of the civilians instead, without missing a shot.

You won’t be able to save just yet, so you have to reset your game, so to not continue with the penalty and for doing the other achievement.

Snatcher Heart (5)
Get a perfect score without missing any shots at the shooting range while Mika is showing you around

Same as It's the Only Way to Be Sure!, but instead do it as you are supposed to. Shoot all of the Snatchers without missing a shot. And don’t shoot any civilians this time!

Sharpshooter (5)
Get a perfect score without missing any shots at the shooting range on the introductory difficulty

This can be earned at the same time as Snatcher Heart, due to having basically the same requirement.

Shoot all Snatchers, no civilians harmed, no shot missed.

For the rest of the achievements related to the shooting range, you’ll have to wait for Act II.

From Junkie to Junker (5)
Obtain your Junker ID and Blaster

After getting the Junker I.D. from the chief and the Blaster from Harry, you’ll also get this achievement.

Head of the Junkers (3)
Meet up with Gibson in the Abandoned Factory

Proceeding through the Abandoned Factory, you’ll inevitably find him.

Does This Mean I’m Promoted? (4)
Abandoned Factory - Fully investigate the crime scene

INVESTIGATE and LOOK anything you can. Remember that you need to keep the clues found as evidence by using LOOK and INVESTIGATE on them.

Debugging (5)
Abandoned Factory - Kill all the insectors without missing or taking damage

Just like at the shooting range, but now you need to be fast enough so that they won’t be able to shoot you.

Metal Gear Must Be Stopped (4)
Exhaust all options in your new apartment

Whenever you get into Gillian’s Apartment in Act 1, exhaust every single option in his apartment, bathroom included. The achievement should appear when you exhausted everything.

I wouldn’t suggest doing this while going for General, since you’ll be repeating options too many times here.

Bugging the Girl of My Dreams (3)
Bug Jamie and learn about her dreams

You can find Jamie either ready to go out or in bed when calling for her in Act 1. If you find her in bed, you can ASK her about her DREAMS and NEGLIGEE.

Saving and reloading to find her in bed is suggested, so to not call her too many times.

She’s as Green as They Come (2)
Have Mika eavesdropon your phone call with Jamie

You can do this whenever you want in act 1. The earliest this can be done is right when you discover Jamie’s number.

You just need to call Jamie when you’re in front of Mika.

The Short Answer (5)
Give the correct password to Napoleon, AFTER taking the steps to obtain it

Basically, do as you’re supposed to do it.

  • Find the videophone number. You’ll find it by looking and investigate the brandy bottle Harry is drinking;

  • Look up Napoleon on the Jordan to find the profile about the historical figure Napoleon;

  • After investigating the detective room, talk to Mika first about Buffalo Restaurant, then about Napoleon, so that she’ll suggest to find him.

When these steps are done, call him and he’ll ask to complete one of the two senteces he can give. The answers can be found in the Jordan I.D. file of Napoleon.

If he’s saying “The 100-year”, the answer is REIGN.

If he’s saying “The Revolution”, the answer is IS ENDED.

Late Night Masquerade (5)
Discover the locations of Outer Heaven and Plato’s Cavern

You can find out from Napoleon about Outer Heaven’s location when meeting him in Alton Plaza. For Plato’s Cavern location, you need to call their videophone number, which can be found by looking for their ad on the big sign in Alton Plaza.

Chief The Thief (3)
Spot the Chief in Alton Plaza

While in Alton Plaza, LOOK at the AREA until Jamie and the Chief are seen together.

Another achievement is related to this. If you don’t do this and also call Jamie and TALK to her about her being in Alton Plaza, you won’t be able to do the other.

A Seed Without Soil (4)
Try to pick up women in Alton Plaza until options are exhausted

LOOK at the AREA in Alton Plaza until Gillian wants to pick up women. It can take you somewhere like 30 times to get this. A PICK UP WOMEN option will appear. Select this option 4 times to exhaust it.

I also don’t suggest going for this when going for General. Picking up women does not penalize you like you think it would, but it does take too many times using that one option to get this.

This Town Ain’t Big Enough (4)
Call the LoveLine until they go out of business.

If you LOOK at the NEARBY PEOPLE, you’ll be handed a tissue with a videophone number for the Loveline. Call the given number 3 times until a discussion about censorship starts.

What a Hack (3)
Visit the Fortune Teller

LOOK at the NEARBY CROWD until Metal Gear sees the Fortune Teller. LOOK and INVESTIGATE the FORTUNE TELLER, then GET FORTUNE TOLD to get a cutscene.

Trust Me, I’m A Junker (5)
Gain entry into Gibson’s home without getting any questions wrong

Show her your Junker I.D. when requested, then answer her questions. The answers, just like with Napoleon, need to be found in the I.D. files on the Jordan of the corresponding characters.

About Gibson’s Age, the answer is 55.

About Katrina, the answers are BIRTHMARK, HEART-SHAPED (HEART is also accepted), INNER THIGH (THIGH is also accepted).

How Far Can Too Far Go? (4)
Get forced to leave Gibson’s house

This can be done right when you gain access to the house. Use the option DO SOMETHINGS accompanied by PERSUADE for a few times and she’ll kick you out of the house.

Whistleblower (4)
Find out the reason Gibson was killed

This will be earned after looking at the computer in the study and using the disk to see its contents.

If You’ve Seen One Shopping Plaza, You’ve Seen the Mall (5)
Promise to take Katrina shopping

Ask Katrina about herself. Then move into another place (like Alton Plaza), come back and ask her again for a few times until she’ll ask Gillian to go shopping.

I suggest to also save before doing this just in case, as the game can penalize you even when going to places repeatedly. Especially when not required.

A Sinking Feeling (3)
Try the Neo Kobe Pizza outside of Plato’s Cavern

Outside of Plato’s Cavern, choose the SMELL option. INVESTIGATE the FOOD STAND 2 times and SMELL again until you get the EAT NEO KOBE PIZZA option.

Ancient Relic (2)
Find an old videotape

While inside Plato’s Cavern, pick INVESTIGATE and then INSIDE STORE for at least 6 times and you should find a VHS.

Operation Intrude N313 (5)
Obtain a mask and successfully infiltrate Outer Heaven

When outside of Outer Heaven, use one of the masks that you bought at Plato’s Cavern and get inside.

The Good Ol’ Days (3)
Get more information on the group of Konami characters

Inside Outer Heaven, you’ll notice some familiar faces by looking at the costumers. LOOK at each one of the CUSTOMERS, to identify each one of them.

I hope you know your Konami characters!

Gillian? What Happened!? Gillian! GILLIAAAANN!! (3)
Get Kicked out of Outer Heaven

SHOW your Junker I.D. while inside Outer Heaven.

Neo Kobe Decadence (5)
Get Isabella’s phone number then celebrate with all the food and drinks you can handle

During the dancer’s interrogation, you can ASK for her videophone number. After 6 times she’ll give it to you.

After doing so, finish the questioning, and ORDER FOOD or DRINKS until the game doesn’t let you order anymore.

Food for Thought (5)
Receive a stiff reprimand from the chief for spending too much money

After doing what Neo Koba Decadence requires to do, returning to Junker HQ will sent you to the Chief’s office to be reprimended for spending too much cash at Outer Heaven.

A Sketchy Suspect (5)
Complete the composite sketch and find two suspects

With the description of the suspect given by Isabella, you can go to Jordan and select each parts that correspond to the description, giving you the two suspects.

In case you can’t figure out which options are correct (it is kind of difficult to make out the answers), here are the answers:






Father’s Day (4)
Reunite a father and his son

When outside of Ivan’s Apartment, you can ask the freemen ABOUT BACKGROUND. Do this 4 times and they’ll give you a videophone number of the son of an old man they’re taking care of, asking you to call him for his sake.

I Gotta Hand it to You (10)
Shoot a gun out of someone’s hand before they have a chance to shoot you

Right when he opens the door, ready the gun when the life bar appears and immediately shoot the gun.

Snatcher Don’t Surf (5)
Finish investigating Ivan’s Apartment

INTERROGATE him, then LOOK and INVESTIGATE his room and his bathroom, when moving there, until you find dirt on him.

Damaged Goods (5)
Take out your first Snatcher without missing or taking damage

The Snatcher will appear at two different points rather fast, but it shouldn’t be that difficult to take down.

Some Random Guy (10)
Complete Act I

You’ll get this automatically after the cutscene.

Act 2: Cure

Gunslinger (10)
Get a perfect score without missing any shots at the shooting range on the intermediate difficulty

Just at the start of Act II, you can go straight to the shooting range. Selecting PRACTICE will immedaitely give you access to the intermediate difficulty.

It’s a faster version of the introductory level, but it should take you just a few tries to do this.

The Neo Kobe Kid (50)
Get a perfect score without missing any shots at the shooting range on the highest difficulty

You need to get at least 3 perfect score in intermediate to get to the highest difficulty. Next time you choose PRACTICE, a dialog will start confirming the change in difficulty.

On the highest difficulty, some civilians will be Snatchers disguised. They can be recognized only within a short time frame where they show their green eyes. The only tip that i can give here is to pay attention to the red bar on the left. It keeps track of how many Snatchers appeared. You can have an idea if there is a Snatcher among the civilians by watching if the bar increases.

I highly suggest to save after you get this difficulty. This is because if you make a bad enough score, the game can actually decrease the difficulty, requiring doing perfect scores in intermediate again.

Two Hungry Four This (3)
Try the Ramen at Alton Plaza

While in Alton Plaza, just LOOK at AREA and a cutscene will start.

Her Snatch (3)
View a Startling Voice Message

You’ll get this by calling Jamie.

My Chief Concern (5)
Find out what Jamie was doing with the Chief

Requires to find Jamie with the Chief in Alton Plaza and asking her about it in Act I.

Ask Jamie again in Act 2 about her being in Alton Plaza with the chief, then ask the Chief about this.

Missing you Already (5)
Receive a distress call from Katrina and search the house

After calling Jamie on the videophone number at her workplace, and after investigating the OLEEN Hospital, you should get a call from Mika urging you to go to Gibson’s house.

This is not a Trick. This is True Power! (5)
Visit the fortune teller again in Act 2

You won’t find the Fortune Teller in Act 2 if you didn’t find her in Act 1.

While looking for Jamie in Alton Plaza, use the option SEARCH FOR KATRINA a few times until you find the Fortune Teller again. Then use GET FORTUNE TOLD to get a cutscene.

I’ve Seen Things You People Wouldn’t Believe… (5)
See what should not be seen

This will be gotten while investigating your apartment when there’s a suspected intrusion, after investigating Gibson’s House.

God Save the Queen (5)
Finish the investigation at Queens Hospital

You’ll get this after finishing investigating the third room in the hospital.

Table This Discussion (5)
Solve the patient record riddle

You need to look up a periodic table of chemical elements to find this solution. Take the initials of each element Napoleon will translate to you and put them together.

The answer is BENSON.

Privates Investigator (5)
Attempt to investigate Mika until she cracks

After you find the hidden photo, LOOK and then INVESTIGATE Mika.

I can’t Drive 55 (4) Experience some car trouble

Use up all the options at least once and you’ll go through this sequence.

Impressive! (5)
Kill the snatcher in the hospital basement without missing or taking damage

This fight is in 2 parts. Shoot at the Snatcher’s head in the first part, than just shoot at it on the second part.

Under Reconstruction (5)
Finish investigating the hospital basement

You’ll get this after investigating the first two rooms and then the third room in the hospital basement.

Random Act of Kindness (5)
Escape the hospital

You’ll get this after the cutscene.

Pesticide (10)
Survive the insector swarm in Act II without taking damage

This fight will have more Insectoids than the first one. Otherwise, it’s really the same at that one.

A Taxing Ride (5)
Kill the Snatcher on your way back to HQ without taking damage

This is similiar to the Ivan situation. When the lifebar appears, immediately ready your weapon and shoot at the snatcher.

Junker’s Honour (10)
Kill the snatcher at the end of Act II without missing, wasting ammo, or harming the hostage

You’re bound to get hit, as the snatcher will hide behind the hostage and shoot at you. All you can do is just making every shot count and not harm the hostage.

Seeds of Doubt (10)
Complete Act II

You’ll get this at the end of the cutscene.

Act 3: Junk

A Trivial Pursuit (10)
Do not get any of Metal’s questions wrong at the beginning of Act III

Metal Gear will ask you questions to recapitulate about everything you’ve learned about the Snatchers. Answer all of them correctly.

The answers, in order, are:




  4. SNOW-9


This is a Raid (10)
Act III - Survive the Super Insector battle

Contrary to all the other fights, this one is the only exception to the rule about perfecting all the fights. Unlike the normal Insectoids, these ones will jump in one place to another, and they also shoot faster. It’ll be very difficult to not get damaged, so just try to go through this fight without getting damaged too much or missing too many shots.

Once Upon a Time in Neo Kobe (10)
Kill all the snatchers in the church without missing or taking damage

This is easier than the Super Insectoids just because the Snatchers appear one by one. Only shoot them in the head, as shooting anywhere else won’t kill them.

Heat of the Moment (5)
Act III - Kill the… oh… shit…

After the Snatchers fight, shoot at the dark silhouette. Instead of being penalizing, this will just soft reset your game. Beware about this one especially when going for low saves run.

Deeply Seeded Convictions (5)
Complete Act III

You’ll get this at the end of the last cutscene.

Saving the Day (25)
Complete the game with less than 3 saves

Work your way through the game with only 2 saves and you’ll get this during the credits.

Captain Obvious (10)
Complete Act III with the Captain rank or higher

See Sweet Smell of Success for details.

Major Malfunction (25)
Complete Act III with the Major rank or higher

See Sweet Smell of Success for details.

Colonel of Truth (25)
Complete Act III with the Colonel rank or higher

See Sweet Smell of Success for details.

Sweet Smell of Success (50)
Complete Act III with the General rank

You should get this, and the other rank related achievements, when Mika salutes you.

In the end, what you need here is to have a complete route that has the fewest required actions to get through the game, and the events that are necessary to do. As long as you don’t make too many interactions that don’t contribute to progression, and avoid the negative events, you should be fine.