Episode 11 - Zelda Lore and More: From Agahnim to Zant

Since the original release on that mythical gold cartridge, Nintendo has speckled nearly all their consoles with offerings giving us glimpses into the land of Hyrule and beyond. At times seemingly striking out with a confident story and plan, while at others seeming lost in the woods themselves; Nintendo carries this series with more than a hint of mystery and grace. With the whirlwind of fervor that came behind Tears of the Kingdoms recent release, it offered another opportunity for these topics of contrition, these fiercely heated debates; to again rise to the surface.

For exactly that reason I have my two guests here today, Sutarion and Gollawiz - both vetted Zelda lexicons of knowledge - to help guide us through the Twilight, through the Woods, though the miniaturized land of the Minish; and find us the answers we seek.

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