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RANews thrives on community submitted content, Wish This Set, Play This Set and RAdvantage are only possibly if you allow it to be and send us your submissions for those articles. If you have any contributions that you would like to see featured in these articles, please send them in a direct message to RANews.


Discover gaming nostalgia at its finest with our latest addition! We’ve now introduced support for three consoles - Interton VC 4000, Elektor TV Games Computer, and Arcadia 2001 - using the WinArcadia emulator. Unearth the hidden gems of gaming’s past and explore their captivating stories.

Set of the Month

Each month, we invite the RetroAchievements community to vote for their favorite set, subset, and revision from the previous month. We gather the votes and share the results in this Set of the Month section. This is a great way to discover new sets that you may have missed and to celebrate the hard work and creativity of our dedicated set developers.

This Month In Retro

If you’re a fan of video games and the history behind them, you won’t want to miss this article on This Month in Retro. Nepiki takes us back to July 1995 and discusses the significance of that months releases. If you’re interested in learning about the video games released in July 1995, including their sales figures and critic scores, this article is worth checking out.

Monthly Stats

Get ready to dive into the numbers and see how you stack up against the rest of the RetroAchievements community. In this section, we’ll be looking at all sorts of stats, including achievements created, most played games, mastery awards, leaderboards, and more. Whether you’re a developer or not, you’re sure to find something interesting here.


In this section, we celebrate the user milestones reached this past month. We showcase user milestones ranging from total points to leaderboards joined, as well as developer milestones covering various aspects of the typical set developer. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the site, we hope these highlights inspire you to push your own boundaries, achieve new goals and reach new milestones.

Current Events

The RetroAchievements community is always buzzing with events and competitions, and our ongoing Current Events section is the perfect place to keep track of everything. From weekly leaderboard grinds to yearly community-wide challenges, this section will keep you in the loop on all the exciting events within our community. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming events, results from past events, and more!

Community News

Stay up-to-date with the latest news in the RetroAchievements community with our Community News section. We cover everything from web and emulator updates to team updates and other noteworthy events. Don’t miss out on any important news and check out this section to stay in the know.


Join the RetroAchievements community and listen to the latest RAPodcasts. First up, our host TimeCrush talks again with Sutarion and Gollawiz about even more mysteries, debates, and answers to our burning questions about the Legend of Zelda Series.

In the second podcase, explore the captivating alliance between video games and television. Listen along for a nostalgic journey through animated treasures and live-action wonders with MaxMilyin.

Play This Set

Looking for some great game recommendations? Play This Set features writeups submitted by the community about existing sets and why you should give them a try. Whether you’re looking to discover a new favorite or just need a reason to play something new, these writeups are sure to provide plenty of inspiration. So dive in, and get ready to take on a new set!

Wish This Set

In this section, users share their thoughts on which games they would love to see have sets created for. Whether it’s a beloved classic or an underrated gem, we want to hear about it. If you are a developer looking for a new set to work on, then look no further than right here.


Set off on a captivating journey through Treasure Hunter G. Find hidden riches, take part in triumphant victories, and become a legendary treasure hunter as you master the set using this months guide. Get ready to unleash your inner adventurer and claim the gaming glory you deserve!


Unleash your inner demon-slayer with our ultimate guide to conquer Dante Must-Die Rank SS in Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition [Subset - Bonus]. If you’ve been craving to achieve greatness, we’ve got the tips you need to obtain the elusive Rank SS in every mission on the infamous Dante Must Die mode. Prepare to face relentless hordes of foes and execute devilish combos as we lead you through this adrenaline-pumping journey towards gaming glory.

HotCheevs Monthly

Stay up-to-date on the latest achievements with our monthly roundup of new sets on RetroAchievements! We’ll take look at the newest achievement sets from the community for each system. Stick around and take a look at all the new sets from last month, you may even find a set that you have been wishing for.

Revisions and Rescores

In this segment, we’ll be taking a closer look at the sets that have recently been revised or rescored. From minor tweaks to major overhauls, we’ll keep you up to date on every set revisions from the previous month. Check out if you need to remaster any of the sets and claim that Top 10 High Score spot.

Art Updates

Discover the latest updates to achievement badges and set icons. From fresh badges to updated set icons, you’ll get the scoop on all the art changes happening on RetroAchievements. Join us for a closer look at the evolving aesthetics of various achievement sets, and stay up-to-date on the latest changes from the artists of RetroAchievements!

Top Players

Wondering who the top players on RetroAchievements are, and how they’ve been performing over the past month? In this section we take a deep dive into the top 300 players on the site, analyzing their progress and point totals over the past month. From the rise of new challengers to the continued dominance of top players, this section gives you a comprehensive overview of the RetroAchievements points leaderboard.


Joining RetroAchievements is a major milestone for gamers and achievement developers, and we love celebrating those anniversaries. In this section, we’ll recognize the achievements of our dedicated members by highlighting their years of service to the site. From new members to veterans, we’ll showcase everyone who’s reached a new anniversary milestone. Join us in celebrating our amazing community, and the hard work and dedication that makes RetroAchievements the best achievement hunting community out there.

Top Masteries

Mastering achievement sets is no easy feat, but some RetroAchievements players have proven themselves to be true champions. In this section, we celebrate the top achievers on each console by highlighting the players with the most Mastery Awards. These awards are a testament to their dedication, skill, and determination. Check out these incredible achievements and see how you rank up against some of the best players on RetroAchievements!

Most Wanted Games

Are you itching to tackle a new set, but can’t seem to find the right one? Look no further than our Most Wanted Games section. Here, we highlight the top requested games for console, handheld, and hacks. Plus, each month we feature a new DevQuest console to encourage developers to earn that Most Wanted DevQuest badge. Don’t miss out on the chance to make your requests heard and see your favorite games added to RetroAchievements!

Set Creation Leaderboard

Are you curious about which developers have contributed the most seta to RetroAchievements for each console? This section has you covered. Here you can see which developers have made the most sets for the RetroAchievements community for each console. This section offers valuable insights into the individuals who have contributed the most to the world of achievement creation. Check it out now, and see which developers have left their mark on your favorite consoles!

Spot The Difference

In this section, we challenge readers to put their observation skills to the test with a Spot the Difference game created by SporyTike for the game Super Metroid (SNES). There are 10 differences to find, and readers who spot them all will be featured in the next issue. So sharpen your eyes and get ready for some fun!

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