The following users and devs listed here reached a new milestone last month.

Points Overall

250,000 Points

donutweegee donutweegee    

200,000 Points

ChronoGear ChronoGear    

150,000 Points

ramosgamer81 ramosgamer81 Amir96lx Amir96lx  

125,000 Points

yoshter2011 yoshter2011 missiray missiray DaniloZlatan DaniloZlatan

100,000 Points

Thoreau Thoreau renanbrj renanbrj KlydeKadell KlydeKadell
bobolopster bobolopster AllKindsOfJames AllKindsOfJames  

75,000 Points

TheJewker TheJewker Swagneto Swagneto LucianoD3M LucianoD3M
LittleTiger LittleTiger Kiutgh Kiutgh Doggy227 Doggy227
diablo666 diablo666 Cheshire Cheshire Akai Akai
adamjohnny5 adamjohnny5    

50,000 Points

zxmega zxmega wolfman2000 wolfman2000 VGLongplays VGLongplays
Val1407 Val1407 SonicRanticoot SonicRanticoot pandarion pandarion
mtgsolid mtgsolid Kazama168 Kazama168 IzaNamiZX IzaNamiZX
heintsi heintsi Foxyman1113 Foxyman1113 foxsevent foxsevent
Erodion Erodion DuckswanTheAlbatross DuckswanTheAlbatross Deansrule Deansrule
CassetteCobra CassetteCobra CanadianLooni CanadianLooni AkunoKen AkunoKen

25,000 Points

ZeeGee ZeeGee WKGames WKGames TrunksTheHeroOfTime TrunksTheHeroOfTime
timsilva timsilva ThreyKiller ThreyKiller TamariZ TamariZ
SoulSoralis SoulSoralis SirDragonBeard SirDragonBeard Silveryami Silveryami
Shizuna Shizuna Scout Scout Ronald203 Ronald203
rendakiro rendakiro PS2wizard PS2wizard Probored Probored
MisterGoemon MisterGoemon McFarts McFarts MarceloSSR MarceloSSR
manakate manakate Levenber Levenber LeftyGuitar LeftyGuitar
KojiroS KojiroS Jonny8567 Jonny8567 IronInvoker47 IronInvoker47
Hyrulehero Hyrulehero heavybass heavybass HalDanGhor HalDanGhor
GrilledMormons GrilledMormons GreySakuraba GreySakuraba Gamingnerd Gamingnerd
Gamerking23 Gamerking23 EnzocaFDP2 EnzocaFDP2 Empovyle Empovyle
EliasPapp EliasPapp dtkiller dtkiller DRisner DRisner
DaviPx DaviPx darkcris06 darkcris06 DaleRedfield DaleRedfield
chaosin chaosin brosrodrigues brosrodrigues BigFish BigFish
Andrew0125 Andrew0125 Alexdatadestroyer Alexdatadestroyer  

Retro Points Overall

4,500,000 Retro Points

donutweegee donutweegee    

2,500,000 Retro Points

Kosmicd12 Kosmicd12    

2,000,000 Retro Points

leislonjose leislonjose    

1,500,000 Retro Points

YamatoVergil YamatoVergil    

1,250,000 Retro Points

Wendigo Wendigo HolyShinx HolyShinx  

1,000,000 Retro Points

sulpemago sulpemago Shroomer Shroomer SeredaVadim SeredaVadim
CuddleBugs CuddleBugs    

750,000 Retro Points

starlite starlite Slime95 Slime95 ShadwSonic ShadwSonic
NeowaveBR NeowaveBR Lowidelime Lowidelime guineu guineu
AriMaeda AriMaeda    

500,000 Retro Points

XashTheStampede XashTheStampede Wingcapman Wingcapman Thoreau Thoreau
Tarikkanbour Tarikkanbour Shadewrecker Shadewrecker SanMarino SanMarino
RomaKiev RomaKiev Olra Olra Nabas6545 Nabas6545
KingKong4221 KingKong4221 KasadyVonDoom KasadyVonDoom Kaizard Kaizard
JetForceGeneric JetForceGeneric InsidiouSin InsidiouSin GreninjaMan GreninjaMan
Grahamtams Grahamtams flaviodnz1 flaviodnz1 DireWareWolf DireWareWolf
DaniellMSouza DaniellMSouza chocolatiel chocolatiel BrothersGames BrothersGames
Artie7386 Artie7386 Amir96lx Amir96lx AgentRibinski AgentRibinski

375,000 Retro Points

Zika Zika zandro zandro Shinrashinobi Shinrashinobi
rodent rodent Pronin86 Pronin86 Pikacshu Pikacshu
OldSport OldSport MiningMario MiningMario minibt minibt
Luissi Luissi Kuluk01 Kuluk01 jared6502 jared6502
Hunser Hunser Hdot12 Hdot12 FireSonic FireSonic
FabinSS FabinSS Davski Davski BenTobitt BenTobitt
Bendyhuman Bendyhuman adamjohnny5 adamjohnny5  

250,000 Retro Points

Zimbo Zimbo Waishler Waishler Veldt Veldt
Thanks Thanks Tayadaoc Tayadaoc sylar632 sylar632
SufferingSloth SufferingSloth stfN1337 stfN1337 SableSoldi3r SableSoldi3r
S1324658709 S1324658709 Riskbreaker48 Riskbreaker48 Retrokaiser Retrokaiser
QRS666 QRS666 Pudpod Pudpod pat33999 pat33999
Paladincecil Paladincecil OmegaVideoGameGod OmegaVideoGameGod Mortinho Mortinho
Monomaru Monomaru MeV3Ker MeV3Ker MauricioReis MauricioReis
KlydeKadell KlydeKadell Kiutgh Kiutgh gabrieldomingos0805 gabrieldomingos0805
Fanonos Fanonos Doggy227 Doggy227 Dendy1989 Dendy1989
DemianNevile DemianNevile deathbychipmunk deathbychipmunk BurnoutToday BurnoutToday
BillyWAR BillyWAR Beulu79 Beulu79 bennz13 bennz13
AprendizPE AprendizPE Aekko Aekko  

125,000 Retro Points

zuschzero zuschzero Zouiguipopo Zouiguipopo ZeldoRetro ZeldoRetro
Yatogashi2112 Yatogashi2112 xClawz xClawz Xanders08 Xanders08
Vitalya87 Vitalya87 vinegret vinegret ultimategamerboi2000 ultimategamerboi2000
TucanoPadilha TucanoPadilha Tiazar Tiazar TheButcherKevin TheButcherKevin
Thammeirh Thammeirh TETEUTOP0909 TETEUTOP0909 terra32 terra32
susiezillas susiezillas StingX2 StingX2 SmallRoach SmallRoach
sharivan sharivan SebaOutbreak SebaOutbreak SayuriMio SayuriMio
saschagaming saschagaming SakuyaBestWaifu SakuyaBestWaifu s0uth s0uth
Rutton Rutton ruri ruri RokerTheAgent93 RokerTheAgent93
robbatata robbatata Retro1989 Retro1989 redmelon424 redmelon424
Rarronak Rarronak Rafatenck Rafatenck Poitspark Poitspark
PGabriel01 PGabriel01 pandarion pandarion NikoKainL8v NikoKainL8v
NesTii17 NesTii17 napu napu MystTheDissed MystTheDissed
MovingShadow011 MovingShadow011 METRO METRO menskmoon menskmoon
Mavincenzi Mavincenzi Maize Maize L0an47 L0an47
kurtkiste kurtkiste kevinward21Game kevinward21Game kasquez kasquez
Kaivel Kaivel joeygatorman joeygatorman Jagooo Jagooo
HolyRayne HolyRayne Hexcreed Hexcreed hell hell
HadesFlame HadesFlame Griffin Griffin GrandeShark GrandeShark
googoo91 googoo91 Glitchy88 Glitchy88 GeorgeDarkRU GeorgeDarkRU
GabrielAlves GabrielAlves Fury3000 Fury3000 foxsevent foxsevent
Feragruv Feragruv Excessiveiser Excessiveiser ErustDevilen ErustDevilen
Dominic Dominic Dj4ir Dj4ir Dimitroid66 Dimitroid66
DimensionBomber DimensionBomber DarknessMan DarknessMan Dako9767845 Dako9767845
D3ster D3ster Corra Corra CanadianLooni CanadianLooni
CadavandoPutrefoura CadavandoPutrefoura BrianDavis13 BrianDavis13 BlotchJBMR BlotchJBMR
BakiBerserk BakiBerserk auty auty Asvel Asvel
arthur4272 arthur4272 AqueleDeMarte AqueleDeMarte AngryPotato AngryPotato
Alexdatadestroyer Alexdatadestroyer ae90 ae90 5derek91 5derek91
4lexGrey 4lexGrey    

100,000 Retro Points

Zombietraine Zombietraine Zerosignx Zerosignx Xyghost Xyghost
Werzhil Werzhil Wayne121 Wayne121 VectorPrime40 VectorPrime40
Tutumos Tutumos Stab Stab ryuzakix ryuzakix
ROTFLandmines ROTFLandmines Ronald203 Ronald203 RetroSprites RetroSprites
Rampagingtaru Rampagingtaru Psychosteve Psychosteve PrinnyPrinny PrinnyPrinny
Poefred Poefred patco23 patco23 Oslash Oslash
Noid Noid nahuelescobar nahuelescobar mrmistermistermr mrmistermistermr
Mooseh Mooseh mohoc mohoc miccmike miccmike
Mezada Mezada MartinD29 MartinD29 manakate manakate
M4rio M4rio LuyKeltic LuyKeltic luanthefox luanthefox
Lilpaulo3232 Lilpaulo3232 Konosuba Konosuba kiko12 kiko12
Kaymander Kaymander JuniorArievilo JuniorArievilo ivesmt666 ivesmt666
HardSonicStorm HardSonicStorm grapeisgreat grapeisgreat gde gde
Gamingnerd Gamingnerd Fortunato1337 Fortunato1337 FlyssWhizzle FlyssWhizzle
faL faL FachaFC FachaFC EthanLikezCatz EthanLikezCatz
EliasPapp EliasPapp DustinRomero1268 DustinRomero1268 Dehkon Dehkon
darkcris06 darkcris06 DaRabidDuckie DaRabidDuckie DaleRedfield DaleRedfield
Crazeuh Crazeuh CrashyBash CrashyBash ColonD ColonD
Chrisis Chrisis bursterror bursterror BradVlad BradVlad
Bowie Bowie Anwonu Anwonu Andrew0125 Andrew0125
AllexGG AllexGG    

75,000 Retro Points

Zolbrod Zolbrod zLunatiX zLunatiX ZeroTwoBestWaifu ZeroTwoBestWaifu
wesleyp1 wesleyp1 Webber1900 Webber1900 vnov vnov
Tybis Tybis ThreyKiller ThreyKiller ThePixelJunkie ThePixelJunkie
TheGreenLightningMRT TheGreenLightningMRT TheAndySocialNetwork TheAndySocialNetwork tepp tepp
SubliminalSiren SubliminalSiren SrOliveira SrOliveira Silveryami Silveryami
Shadowserg Shadowserg Sena Sena SanterXL SanterXL
SafDogg SafDogg S0L0 S0L0 RuanzinhoGameplays RuanzinhoGameplays
RockStarLexxi RockStarLexxi rey2703 rey2703 Reven Reven
RenatoMa RenatoMa RemS2 RemS2 rayculz rayculz
qAkiba qAkiba PunkRockIanXP PunkRockIanXP prost0pizdec prost0pizdec
Porkchamp Porkchamp PolishEmu PolishEmu PlasticTeeth PlasticTeeth
pitohui pitohui PikachuInTheShower PikachuInTheShower nos4893 nos4893
MuffinsMcDanish MuffinsMcDanish MorganMustDie MorganMustDie Moka Moka
McFarts McFarts Mariomuzic Mariomuzic mariodoarmario mariodoarmario
marciofz marciofz LurielAzari LurielAzari LucasGueymeplay LucasGueymeplay
LiamBull1996 LiamBull1996 LegendDuoKeeper LegendDuoKeeper LamboSubordinate LamboSubordinate
Kurochi185 Kurochi185 KuMis KuMis KrispyDoug KrispyDoug
kastogrys kastogrys Kaiserlucas Kaiserlucas kabukiman5 kabukiman5
Jaxas Jaxas jacobsclub72 jacobsclub72 Hyze Hyze
Hyrulehero Hyrulehero Hotscrock Hotscrock Hernandezbaladoce Hernandezbaladoce
Harper Harper Garfunkle420 Garfunkle420 Flowleyd Flowleyd
fct6701 fct6701 Fara0 Fara0 EnzocaFDP2 EnzocaFDP2
Eltana Eltana EduBorgGamer EduBorgGamer dude1286 dude1286
dreamer72 dreamer72 DrAwkward89 DrAwkward89 deividokop deividokop
Deikorim Deikorim DaviPx DaviPx Danbilao Danbilao
Daguka Daguka curucucu curucucu Coulthard Coulthard
ConfluentOhm ConfluentOhm Chuckles Chuckles ChtPlayer ChtPlayer
Bushando64 Bushando64 BudCaveTV BudCaveTV brosrodrigues brosrodrigues
brightman brightman briaguya briaguya Boomer69 Boomer69
BizarroStormy BizarroStormy BikKayson BikKayson BeeDate BeeDate
BatFastardJordy BatFastardJordy badkilla badkilla Azarokkusu Azarokkusu
Alex1Summers Alex1Summers AGX29 AGX29 Agrahnax Agrahnax
1CCZio 1CCZio    

Hardcore Achievements

45,000 Hardcore Achievements Earned

MaxMilyin MaxMilyin    

25,000 Hardcore Achievements Earned

Lonoke31 Lonoke31 Kinglink Kinglink Grahamtams Grahamtams

20,000 Hardcore Achievements Earned

danibodom danibodom Amir96lx Amir96lx  

15,000 Hardcore Achievements Earned

xRidley xRidley WanderingHeiho WanderingHeiho ToxicAntidote ToxicAntidote
SamsamDaGameMan SamsamDaGameMan    

10,000 Hardcore Achievements Earned

WeerDough WeerDough vintageclassicgamer vintageclassicgamer thundere thundere
TerrorVan TerrorVan Swagneto Swagneto PenguGG PenguGG
Mentro Mentro MarioKness MarioKness Alexjovi Alexjovi
AkumaTNT AkumaTNT    

5,000 Hardcore Achievements Earned

TucanoPadilha TucanoPadilha Timmay Timmay Szhymphild Szhymphild
stonedphilosopherleo stonedphilosopherleo Sloppydj Sloppydj Sevelik51 Sevelik51
ryuzakix ryuzakix nikola11 nikola11 midgetstrawdog midgetstrawdog
MelodyAsh MelodyAsh LordKingGundam LordKingGundam LimeJinjo LimeJinjo
kmpers kmpers Ideasds Ideasds GeneralFod GeneralFod
dokaikan dokaikan BurnoutToday BurnoutToday Blatancy Blatancy
BizarroStormy BizarroStormy BatFastardJordy BatFastardJordy atzero89 atzero89

4,000 Hardcore Achievements Earned

Zombietraine Zombietraine yendihunt yendihunt TripleDeek TripleDeek
Tortuguita Tortuguita TheParisi43 TheParisi43 Teri5a Teri5a
SyrValfreyja SyrValfreyja SmallRoach SmallRoach Shaoden Shaoden
RockStarLexxi RockStarLexxi Released Released RedrumOverdose RedrumOverdose
qAkiba qAkiba PlasmaSnow12 PlasmaSnow12 Pablo Pablo
orchidcnr orchidcnr MisterGoemon MisterGoemon McFarts McFarts
manakate manakate luisgoodgames luisgoodgames Lifeinsteps Lifeinsteps
JetForceGeneric JetForceGeneric Jarvis Jarvis hadescthulhu hadescthulhu
GreySakuraba GreySakuraba GorbrushThreepwood GorbrushThreepwood gameslayer6701 gameslayer6701
Flowleyd Flowleyd elbearno elbearno dragonskull1057 dragonskull1057
DaniellMSouza DaniellMSouza Cyber4427 Cyber4427 Cronos74 Cronos74
CrismiKiller CrismiKiller ColonD ColonD Chazzi27 Chazzi27
Casually Casually    

3,000 Hardcore Achievements Earned

XxMoney3DxX XxMoney3DxX Whoops Whoops tmap tmap
ThePixelJunkie ThePixelJunkie tarcisiotrajano tarcisiotrajano SuperTails0991 SuperTails0991
SoulSoralis SoulSoralis SonOfTheSky SonOfTheSky Silveryami Silveryami
Shizuna Shizuna Saeko12 Saeko12 RonanzinhoHiei RonanzinhoHiei
Ronald203 Ronald203 retrojatekos retrojatekos retrobro retrobro
Rafaelsssss Rafaelsssss Protoblubb Protoblubb pickledyamsman pickledyamsman
Olboll Olboll Neuro35 Neuro35 MrNorbert1994 MrNorbert1994
maxcarnage maxcarnage Kuronoa Kuronoa Kasanostra Kasanostra
Kaioat Kaioat Jonny8567 Jonny8567 Hyze Hyze
hipihopi hipihopi Hexadigital Hexadigital HeavyKaragh HeavyKaragh
healape healape HardSonicStorm HardSonicStorm GundamStarRacer GundamStarRacer
GugsWebster GugsWebster gschleser gschleser grotesque grotesque
GFMMXX GFMMXX gammacm gammacm Gamingnerd Gamingnerd
FixBR FixBR Erbraciola28 Erbraciola28 ElectricAngel ElectricAngel
Dustellar Dustellar DesertWorms DesertWorms DaviPx DaviPx
Darkfang114 Darkfang114 darkcris06 darkcris06 DaniWoX DaniWoX
danillowesker danillowesker DaleRedfield DaleRedfield CassioSith CassioSith
BurtonSmoker BurtonSmoker Brolly2000 Brolly2000 bpasn458 bpasn458
Bl4h8L4hBl4h Bl4h8L4hBl4h benit149 benit149 Baifomet Baifomet
Appotheozz Appotheozz Andrew0125 Andrew0125 alundra82 alundra82

100-Point Achievements

110 100-Point Achievements Earned

donutweegee donutweegee    

50 100-Point Achievements Earned

YamatoVergil YamatoVergil    

20 100-Point Achievements Earned

Warbler Warbler Sylrifaide Sylrifaide GFMMXX GFMMXX
DireWareWolf DireWareWolf    

15 100-Point Achievements Earned

SamsamDaGameMan SamsamDaGameMan Nevanos Nevanos Maximdraco Maximdraco
Kaizard Kaizard GUGA0x3 GUGA0x3 Amir96lx Amir96lx
adamjohnny5 adamjohnny5    

10 100-Point Achievements Earned

xRidley xRidley Whithbrin Whithbrin Slime95 Slime95
ManyHours ManyHours    

5 100-Point Achievements Earned

zxmega zxmega xTr4ceur xTr4ceur Valenstein Valenstein
Probored Probored MrDynamite MrDynamite loganizer loganizer
Juaroomblah Juaroomblah INNUENDO INNUENDO IDarkReaderW IDarkReaderW
IantasGames1995 IantasGames1995 GabCandido GabCandido Feragruv Feragruv
auty auty AkunoKen AkunoKen  

Site Awards

1,000 Site Awards Earned

Infernum Infernum    

600 Site Awards Earned

Amir96lx Amir96lx    

500 Site Awards Earned

AllKindsOfJames AllKindsOfJames    

400 Site Awards Earned

NickGoat1990 NickGoat1990    

300 Site Awards Earned

VectorPrime40 VectorPrime40 pitapocket17 pitapocket17 MiningMario MiningMario
freezestar freezestar    

200 Site Awards Earned

YamatoVergil YamatoVergil WarioFan63 WarioFan63 Lokomelo Lokomelo
GreninjaMan GreninjaMan    

100 Site Awards Earned

ZintheDestroyr ZintheDestroyr xeiden xeiden Sting66614666 Sting66614666
Sloppydj Sloppydj PKRadash PKRadash orchidcnr orchidcnr
OldSport OldSport msdmario msdmario Monomaru Monomaru
MeV3Ker MeV3Ker Kazama168 Kazama168 Hexadigital Hexadigital
foxsevent foxsevent ChocoMilk ChocoMilk CassetteCobra CassetteCobra
Burgins Burgins BatFastardJordy BatFastardJordy Avirumque Avirumque
auty auty    


6,500 Leaderboards Joined

Amir96lx Amir96lx    

4,500 Leaderboards Joined

TheNegativeIon TheNegativeIon    

3,500 Leaderboards Joined

Blazekickn Blazekickn    

3,000 Leaderboards Joined

Kinglink Kinglink CobaltZeroni CobaltZeroni  

2,500 Leaderboards Joined

HolyRayne HolyRayne    

2,000 Leaderboards Joined

zanyeyedzach zanyeyedzach wolfman2000 wolfman2000 Pudpod Pudpod
ArmasFM ArmasFM    

1,500 Leaderboards Joined

SuperMeatBro SuperMeatBro Sef Sef Maize Maize
JigokuNoBanken JigokuNoBanken freezestar freezestar Cheshire Cheshire
acheaplemon acheaplemon    

1,000 Leaderboards Joined

WanderingHeiho WanderingHeiho Swagneto Swagneto Sutarion Sutarion
OldSport OldSport MGNS8M MGNS8M KlydeKadell KlydeKadell
KingS1zzle KingS1zzle Gamingnerd Gamingnerd fabiotwotwo fabiotwotwo
CamSlam CamSlam CABBAGES CABBAGES arthur4272 arthur4272
Abucay41 Abucay41    

500 Leaderboards Joined

ZintheDestroyr ZintheDestroyr XymjakThe2nd XymjakThe2nd Xionx Xionx
wwyczesany wwyczesany wizface2137 wizface2137 TheWorstAmy TheWorstAmy
Tabbysas Tabbysas spicygroggy spicygroggy SoulSoralis SoulSoralis
Sloppydj Sloppydj rspectrum rspectrum Roaflin Roaflin
retrojatekos retrojatekos RedXIII93 RedXIII93 orchidcnr orchidcnr
Niclas2009 Niclas2009 MelodyAsh MelodyAsh McFarts McFarts
MachnhcaM MachnhcaM KofiKots KofiKots Jazerus Jazerus
Infernum Infernum GrilledMormons GrilledMormons Goldstinger Goldstinger
GoatzieD GoatzieD FunkyAtHeart FunkyAtHeart FlyssWhizzle FlyssWhizzle
Dogmeatman Dogmeatman Davski Davski Crab Crab
Chaos447 Chaos447 Butternnife Butternnife BurtonSmoker BurtonSmoker
Bobafettjm Bobafettjm BKDDY BKDDY BitTrippy BitTrippy
AstrodomeKid AstrodomeKid adamjohnny5 adamjohnny5  

Achievement Developer Milestones

Achievements Created

3,000 Achievements Created

timenoe timenoe Bryan1150 Bryan1150  

2,000 Achievements Created

ThatAmericanSlacker ThatAmericanSlacker SubliminalSiren SubliminalSiren gollawiz gollawiz

500 Achievements Created

Zpeligo Zpeligo Suffa28 Suffa28 Guinea Guinea

Points Awarded

5,000,000 Points Awarded to Users

televandalist televandalist    

1,000,000 Points Awarded to Users

blendedsea blendedsea    

500,000 Points Awarded to Users

zeldamaniak zeldamaniak    

250,000 Points Awarded to Users

Zpeligo Zpeligo YuriRod50248 YuriRod50248 xTr4ceur xTr4ceur
xnaivx xnaivx thegotoguyy thegotoguyy PsyHunter29 PsyHunter29

100,000 Points Awarded to Users

Tybis Tybis SubliminalSiren SubliminalSiren Released Released
malasdair malasdair Lumnciol Lumnciol luizfilipekz luizfilipekz
Dimedime Dimedime    

Achievements Awarded

750,000 Achievements Awarded to Users

GalacticSpear GalacticSpear    

250,000 Achievements Awarded to Users

voiceofautumn voiceofautumn TeddyWestside TeddyWestside SherryBirkin SherryBirkin

100,000 Achievements Awarded to Users

ThatAmericanSlacker ThatAmericanSlacker SlashTangent SlashTangent feifabricio feifabricio

Code Notes

10,000 Code Notes Created

Bryan1150 Bryan1150    

2,500 Code Notes Created

AlmightyXor AlmightyXor    

1,000 Code Notes Created

suXin suXin KevinCarbonara KevinCarbonara Dreaker Dreaker

Leaderboards Created

500 Leaderboards Created

TheJediSonic TheJediSonic    

250 Leaderboards Created

blendedsea blendedsea    

100 Leaderboards Created

tomojin tomojin Retrokaiser Retrokaiser Hexadigital Hexadigital