Episode 12 - Zelda Lore and More: From Agahnim to Zant - Pt 2

Hello everyone! Welcome back and thank you for tuning in with us for another episode of The Retro Achievements Podcast, where we cover a variety of genres, topics, and discuss the bits and bytes of yesteryear! Today we are finishing out our (unintentional) two part deep-dive on the Legend of Zelda story and lore, give our thoughts on Termina as a whole, and spitball some off the wall ideas that may have been spitballed at one time by Nintendo themselves!

Joining us again are Sutarion and Gollawiz as our fairy companions to keep us from getting lost in these convoluted lands, a feat easier said than done.

Episode 13 - As Seen on TV

Today we are setting our Saturday morning alarm early, pouring a hasty bowl of cereal; and rushing to dial in that channel where all our animated treasures await on a segment I’m calling, “As Seen on TV”

Throughout the decades since videogames became a cultural staple, television has always been right there to jog alongside - after all, with gaming being completely dependent on the latter at the time; games played ON a television - it would only make sense to explorer what other alliances could be forged here: games expanded upon by VEWING a television. Just like any freshly burgeoning industry that dares pioneer into the unknown however; there were few paths to success - while many opportunities to fail.

For exactly that reason I have my guest here today, MaxMilyin; to dig in on those victories and blunders we’ve encountered through the years - from line animated to live action and everywhere in between. Don’t adjust your set folks, this is TimeCrush at the RetroAchievements Podcast with: “As Seen on TV”

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