Wish This Set

Wish This Set is a showcase for our passionate community members to write about the games they love that aren’t yet represented on the site. Is there a game you’d like to see receive an achievement set? Let us know by sending a private message to RANews RANews. We encourage you to explain what makes the game so special to you, and you may be featured in a future issue of RANews!

Napple Tale: Arsia in Daydream (Dreamcast)

Game Console Genre
Napple Tale: Arsia in Daydream Napple Tale: Arsia in Daydream Dreamcast 3D Platforming

A very classic 3D platformer game at first glance, it actually has a lot of neat elements to it. First of all, before even starting it’s good to point out that it has the somewhat rare distinction, even more so for the time, of being a game made by a mostly female team. Far from falling into the “game for girls” cliché, the end product is an absolutely charming game, visually, musically, and gameplay wise with a very unique feeling. The music was composed by Yoko Kanno, known for her work on a few obscure anime such as Cowboy Bebop, Rahxephon, or Ghost in the Shell…

Playing as the titular Arsia, you get accidently transported into Napple Town. From here you will have to wander through various season-themed levels to collect petals and restore the peace. Everything is brightly colored and has a magical feel. Outside of pure platforming skills, going through everything the game has to offer will also require the players to get very familiar with a crafting system that is somewhat similar to the Atelier series to not only get new items, but also new pets! It’s quite the unique experience, even more so on the Dreamcast, that can now be enjoyed by all thanks to an English patch. The team went even so far as making a back-up of the old official website, translating it and making available the DLCs that were unique to it!

Tear Ring Saga: Yutona Eiyuu Senki (PlayStation)

Game Console Genre
Tear Ring Saga: Yutona Eiyuu Senki Tear Ring Saga: Yutona Eiyuu Senki PlayStation Tactical RPG

The Fire Emblem series of tactical RPGs were originally helmed by director Shouzou Kaga. After the fifth game, he jumped ship from Nintendo and put together his own team to create this PSX title. The premise and gameplay will probably sound pretty familiar if you’ve played a Fire Emblem or two - a noble youth sets out to rescue the world from a sinister cult via grid-based combat. However, this one’s got a trick up its sleeve: a secondary protagonist who commands a separate army, and the player gets to decide which characters go where.

The game features a total of 62 possible playable units and 40 story missions. There’s a significant amount of replay value in how you customize your army - sending people to a different route can result in new events and conversations unlocking; you can tutor units in various different skills that improve their abilities; there’s even an item that extends the level cap so you can get in another shot at improving your stats. This title’s got a bunch of fun little things hidden around every corner and I’d be glad to see somebody show them off.

Rayman 2: Revolution (PlayStation 2)

Game Console Genre
Rayman 2: Revolution Rayman 2: Revolution PlayStation 2 3D Platforming, Collect-a-thon

It goes without saying that Rayman 2 is not only the best game in the Rayman series, but also one of the best platformer games ever. So naturally it had to get many ports, bringing us to this one, which is more a remake like the Dreamcast version. The Playstation 2 version adds more into the original game, on top of a graphical update, that makes it a different game compared to the original. Levels have been altered and new levels that act like hub worlds have been added to instead make the transition between levels less linear and more natural. Cutscenes have been added to expand the story of the game as well as making some characters appear more frequently and adding new ones. And new upgrades have been added that can be purchased with lums, as well as other upgrades that can be found thorough the game. It really is pretty much comparable to the Dreamcast version, while being its own spin about making an enhanced version of original. It certanly has some positive and negatives compared to the other versions, but considering the type of additions to the game, it is a version that is worth considering.

Captain Tsubasa | Tecmo Cup Soccer Game | Tecmo Cup Football Game (NES)

Game Console Genre
Captain Tsubasa | Tecmo Cup Soccer Game | Tecmo Cup Football Game Captain Tsubasa | Tecmo Cup Soccer Game | Tecmo Cup Football Game NES Sports - Football / Soccer

The first in the Captain Tsubasa series is a wonderful soccer/strategy/RPG game for NES and Famicom. Based on the anime and manga, it innovated a new type of gameplay that the series has continued to change and improve ever since. Captain Tsubasa games have been present in almost all generations of consoles, and now in a successful mobile game and the multi-platform game: Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions for PS4, PS5, Switch, and PC.

This game has a very interesting story. For US and Europe, it had all the names and sprites changed due to license issues and little knowledge of the Captain Tsubasa Franchise in those regions; nevertheless, in Asia, Middle East, and LATAM it was very popular so they played the Famicom version instead of the NES version. The NES version is interesting for soccer lovers, but if you love the Captain Tsubasa franchise as well you surely will love the Famicom version. It freely adapts part of the manga/anime story, but the game goes beyond that by giving you the chance to have the matches you have dreamed of.

Doing a set like this should not be challenging. The game does not have many hidden secrets or Easter eggs (unlike the others in the series) and it’s kind of linear. The challenge could be making it compatible with the NES, Famicom, and translation patches. The only Tsubasa game with a set is the third part for SNES with similar gameplay, so you may look at that game for reference. I hope both devs and players will enjoy this underrated jewel.

Iggy’s Reckin’ Balls (Nintendo 64)

Game Console Genre
Iggy's Reckin' Balls Iggy’s Reckin’ Balls Nintendo 64 Arcade Racing

The Nintendo 64 came at an interesting time for gaming. The concept of playing with others was often done via visiting friends, but until the console came out, only two could play at a time or you had to worry about multi tap type expansions such as what is needed for Super Bomberman 2. Now four players could play a variety of games together. Of those, racing games were easy to pick up and play. But what if you wanted your racing game to be different? What if you wanted some variety by NOT using vehicles? What if you wanted to combine platforming with racing? What if you wanted to have a miniature Spider-Man experience?

The answer lies with Iggy’s Reckin’ Balls. This is a tough game, but offers 100 unique courses, the ability to play custom order courses, and a variety of characters and personalities. Keep climbing up, swing your opponents off the arena, and then destroy the tower you just climbed up when you finish the race. Why? Because these balls like to wreck havoc wherever they go! This may be a silly and niche game, but I still appreciate it for what it is. Just don’t take the game too seriously.

Hobbit, The: The Prelude to the Lord of the Rings (PlayStation 2)

Game Console Genre
Hobbit, The: The Prelude to the Lord of the Rings Hobbit, The: The Prelude to the Lord of the Rings PlayStation 2 Action-Adventure

One would think, based on its appearance, that Sierra Entertainment’s PS2 take on The Hobbit would be one of those shallow licensed games that don’t deserve recommendation… but that’s not the case at all.

The mechanics are all surprisingly deep, from the combat (actual button combos) to the platforming (the precision asked for is fair yet more akin to a “real” game), to the shop (you can buy ammo, antidotes, lockpicks, Level-Up and health potions)… but especially the numerous secrets hidden everywhere. For each level, this game tracks the maximum number of a great many things, including the Bravery Crystals that are this game’s XP system. Getting everything in a level, even the starting town of Hobbiton that lacks any danger, is no small feat, and would be a great challenge to test players. The levels are rather long (not counting sidequests), but you can save at designated spots in the middle of them, so it wouldn’t be that arduous to play for Any%… though a “one-life no saves” run for a level would likely be quite difficult for most of them. As for the levels themselves, they cover the full range of the original book, turning even spots such as “entering the troll cave” into full-fledged levels to explore. It all ends with the Battle of Five armies, the one level to not have a cap on XP (mostly due to having infinitely spawning enemies, as expected in a great war).

This is one of the very few PS2 games I own that does not have a set (or a sequel/prequel/port that has a set), and would be a great addition to RA’s library too.

Tiny Tank (PlayStation)

Game Console Genre
Tiny Tank Tiny Tank PlayStation 3D Platforming, Shooter

Recently, obscure Playstation platformer mascot Mort The Chicken made an unusual comeback, appearing in the indie smash hit platformer Pizza Tower. But, Mort The Chicken already has a set here on RA. I would like to introduce you to the only other game released by developer AndNow, a game that has not yet received the RA treatment: Tiny Tank.

Tiny Tank is a 3D platformer/shooter with a comedic style. 100 years after sentient military robots took over the world, Tiny, a small yellow tank, is tasked with saving mankind. In the game’s 13 levels, Tiny must destroy various facilities and defeat the bosses that guard them. Being a tank AND a PS1 game protagonist, Tiny naturally controls like a tank, but he has some other movement options as well. He can jump, glide, hop and roll to the sides, and turbo boost both forwards and backwards. He has a cannon for a nose, and can pick up the weapons of his fallen enemies to add to one of four slots. He also has access to “teeny weeny tanks” that can be commanded to perform a few basic tasks, or be controlled remotely. These tanks and all weapons can be upgraded by picking up the artificial brains that enemies sometimes drop. Enemies can also drop nanometal, which Tiny can use to slowly regenerate health and teeny-weeny tanks over time.

The game’s humor is typical for its time. Tiny is a “mascot with attitude”, created to promote a megacorporation’s robot army to the American public. His dual nature as a cute mascot and a military killing machine brings him much frustration. The game’s story is told through cutscenes played between most missions, gradually revealing what happened to humanity 100 years ago. In-game, Tiny is a loudmouth, constantly spouting off quips and incredibly dated references. These could make for some good achievement names!

The game’s soundtrack is presented in a unique way. Instead of each level having its own theme, music tracks are picked randomly, and play as part of an in-universe radio station. In between songs, there is a talk radio program hosted by the leader of the robot army, Mutank. He reveals a lot about the game’s backstory, and his own personality. Often, the boss of the next level will call in, asking for advice about overcoming their weaknesses; a clever way of revealing them to the player. So, even if you don’t care about the game’s story, it’s worth having a listen.

As for possible achievements: There are two difficulties the game can be beaten on (Easy mode ends early). There is a deathless challenge built-in: The first boss, cowboy robot Black Bart, drops his hat upon defeat. Tiny can wear it, and so long as he doesn’t die, he can carry it all the way to the final boss. The player can save between levels, and the hat is kept upon reloads, so the challenge doesn’t have to be done in a single sitting.

Moto Racer 2 (PlayStation)

Game Console Genre
Moto Racer 2 Moto Racer 2 PlayStation Racing

♪ Deja Vú! I’ve just written about Moto Racer before, and I know it’s my time to do so again! ♪

If you come here after having read my Play This Set on Moto Racer then hamha, it looks like I managed to convince you! If not, don’t worry; I still will convince you. Moto Racer is one of my more beloved motorcycle racing games, and it came with an awesome achievement set that covers every nook and cranny there is. However, ignoring the set that came with it, it was a pretty short game that only had ten tracks to race on. Quality over quantity for sure, but it still makes for a relatively short campaign. So the only thing the sequel really had to do was add more tracks right? Indeed, and they did so. Oh yes they did so.

Moto Racer 2 features a total of 32(!) race tracks, yet again evenly split between motocross- and street bikes of which there are 16 motorcycles to select from. That still isn’t enough for you? How about a level editor? Truly, you’ll get more bang for your buck with Moto Racer 2 solely on the basis of content alone. And it’s not like the tracks have suffered in terms of quality either, as they come with interesting layouts like a four-leaf clover, while also adding some new themes like a rainy forest. The racing circuits, icy mountains, and deserts are also still here to traverse.

It should be mentioned that Moto Racer 2 does use a modified version of the original’s engine, so gameplay remains mostly unchanged. Not that that is an issue for me as I liked how the original controlled, but it is something to keep in mind. While certainly looking and running better, it also doesn’t really come with new modes beyond the championship mode. The game that comes after, Moto Racer World Tour, does certainly improve on that front, and I’m not going to complain if you wish that either, but I’m not going to lie to you about this game’s content. Still, all we need at that point is another excellent achievement set to make sure we see everything Moto Racer 2 has to offer right??

~Hack~ Mega Man X in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Mega Drive)

Game Console Genre
\~Hack~ Mega Man X in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 ~Hack~ Mega Man X in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Mega Drive Platforming

It seems that once again there is a new character who only “changes Sonic’s body” without changing the essence of the game. But this time - the situation is more interesting than it seems. Have you heard about the hack: Yoshi in Sonic 2? No!? So - the essence is drawn up here that in addition to the character model, new and unique mechanics have been introduced (which are transmitted from other games). In our case: here the character himself came from Capcom, has his own special techniques and, of course, there are even attempts to adapt his mechanics and himself into this game. This includes alternative paths, upgrades, and abilities.

Only one thing is missing: A decent set that would show that if someone makes competent and interesting ideas, then they need to be paid attention to.

Granstream Saga, The (PlayStation)

Game Console Genre
Granstream Saga, The Granstream Saga, The PlayStation Action-RPG

This is a game I played as a kid without any context of a larger franchise. I only recently learned that it is the last of a trilogy! PS1-era polygonal RPGs hold a special place in my heart since I played a lot of them growing up. This game has an interesting story, the graphical charm of the era, interesting levels that have a large variety even though the game is not short, a great soundtrack, and it even has decent voice acting. I know what you are thinking, “do we really need another PlayStation RPG?”, and I say we can never have enough of them!