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RAdvantage is bringing you tips for some of the hardest achievements on the site. As always, our DMs remain open at RANews, if you have tips for any 100 point or other very difficult achievements you have earned please let us and the rest of the community know.

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Game Console Genre
Irritating Stick PlayStation Puzzle

Achievement Description Points
Zero Irritation Complete all 7 main courses consecutively without losing a life. 50

Ah yes, the good old deathless achievement in a video game. When it says all 7 main course consecutively, you can actually choose the courses any order that you want. Before even attempting this achievement, I would advise you to do all the speedrun achievements which are: Challenge Speedrun (10) Final Speedrun Final Speedrun (25) Revenge Speedrun Revenge Speedrun (25) Elementary Speedrun (10) Intermediate Speedrun (25) Advanced Speedrun Advanced Speedrun (25) Ultra Speedrun Ultra Speedrun (25). Doing the speedrun achievements are a good way to memorize and familiarize the courses because not only you need to go fast for the speedrun achievements, this is also a good way to practice your deathless runs too!

Next, the order of the course are very important, if you play Super Meat Boy before, it’s basically the same principle as this where you choose the levels that you’re not confident/long for example, the Ultra/Revenge Course as your first and then work your way upwards. This is very crucial because you really don’t want to have a very annoying course at the end of the run especially the rollercoaster area in the Ultra course. My recommendation is to do Ultra and Revenge courses first, and then work your way upwards.

Lastly because this is a deathless achievement, getting to the end of the run will always be challenging mainly because of the pressure, I don’t know how many times that I died in a deathless run on any video games because of pressure. If you feel very pressured, make sure to pause the game first (unless it’s in the level screen), take a deep breath, maybe drink some water and when you’re ready and feeling confident, get back in the game and focus! Other than that, good luck, you will need it champ.

You can also use my video as a reference to see how it’s done, my level order is from bottom to top in each course.