~Homebrew~ Repugnant Bounty

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~Homebrew~ Repugnant Bounty Game Boy Color Metroidvania

Guide and Set Created by MrOwnership | itch.io


One million years ago a certain star was the climax of its life. The radiation produced by the star changed the people who relied on it… Finding a new place to call home was their only option. One thousand ships left in search of new worlds…but none returned. The people who remained on the planet changed as their environment became increasingly hostile. They even became nearly immortal… Despite that, an unforeseen threat wiped them all out…all expect…one.

In this Metroid II inspired homebrew, you take the role of Rosemarie, an alien princess from the planet Nimola, as she seeks genocide on the evil monsters who killed her mother and people. Your goal is to eradicate all 28 monsters on Nimola, by traveling through multiple areas, collecting powerups and health upgrades to help you along the way. In standard Metroidvania fashion, as you collect upgrades new paths will open allowing you to explore more of the planet until you reach your end goal.

This guide assumes you have never played the game before and walks you through the different areas of the game, though I highly recommend playing first without the guide. You can check the end of the guide for the locations of the Monster and Life Jars in each of the areas using the in-game map.


World Map

Here you’ll find the world map I made (before realizing there was an in-game map) that you can reference as you make your way through the game. This image is quite large and recommended to open in a different tab. The in-game map images of the areas can be found at the end of this guide.


This section will outline the routes to take to collect all items and defeat all monsters, ending in a 100% completion run. Let’s get started.

Polar Edge [1 Point] Collect the Polar Edge.

Upon landing, head to the right game until you reach the monster corpse with the Polar Edge in it. If you reached the verticle shaft then you’ve gone too far. Press the A button to pick up the Polar Edge and unlock this achievement. You can now swing the polar edge with the B button to attack enemies and open blue doors.

Rejuvenated [1 Point] Collect your first Life Jar.

Make your way down the verticle shaft to the right of the Polar Edge pickup. At the bottom head left until you reach another verticle shaft, again heading down this one as well. Follow the only path you are given to the right until you reach an elevator. Take the elevator down to Irulia and head left until you find a Life Jar pickup. Pick up the Life Jar to unlock this achievement. Life Jars increase your max health by one point, a total of 28 Life Jars are scattered around the map. The number of Life Jars collected can be seen on the pause menu. ***

Polar Shot [1 Point] Collect the Polar Shot.

Continue to the left until you reach a large room with several blocked off paths and disabled doors. Make your way to the bottom and follow the path on the left. In the next room, you will find the Polar Shot, collect it to unlock this achievement. The Polar Shot can be used to attack enemies and unlock orange doors. The Polar Shot and Polar Edge can be swapped with the Select button. Upon leaving, the lights will turn on, opening up several paths, awakening all the monsters, and enabling the Saving Pods. ***

1 Down, 27 Left [1 Point] Defeat your first monster.

After collecting the Polar Shot, several paths open up leading to monsters, temporary dead ends, and different areas of the planet. Leave the Polar Shot room and enter the top left room to fight your first monster. The same general strategy can be used on almost all of the monsters: jump over them when they charge and then turn around and attack with the Polar Edge or Polar Shot. The Polar Edge will do more damage than the Polar Shot but is more dangerous as it requires being fairly close to the monster for it to hit. Defeat the monster to unlock this achievement. ***

Super Jump [2 Points] Collect the Super Jump.

Make your way back up to the elevator you took to enter Irulia. Take the elevator up to the surface and open the room to the right with the Polar Shot to grab a quick Life Jar. Head back left, saving if you choose to, until you reach the verticle shaft. Take it all up and the head left over all the spikes until you reach another elevator. There is another Saving Pod in the room to the left if you need to recover some health. Take the elevator down to Treton.

Go all the way to the right past all the spikes to pick up another Life Jar and then come back to the elevator. Start heading to the left one screen transition. In this room, you can jump along the blocks towards the left of the entrance until you reach a path leading to another Life Jar. Or you can get this later after we get the Super Jump pickup. Continue going down and left for a few more rooms until you reach and narrow shaft with four wooden ledges. Take that shaft down and left into the next room. From the lantern, jump all the way left over the gap (falling will result in having to loop back around and jump over the gap again) and continue going left and down, collecting another Life Jar on the way down. When you reach the bottom head right until you see a one-tile opening in the floor under three wooden ledges. The path down and defeat the monster to unlock the door to the Super Jump room. Enter the next room to pick up Super Jump and unlock this achievement. Super Jump allows you to jump much higher than before. While there is no visual in the pause menu showing if the power-up is enabled or not, selecting it and pressing A will make a sound when enabling the power-up or no sound when disabling the power-up. Keep it enabled, there is no reason to ever disable it. ***

Interface Unit [2 Points] Collect the Interface Unit.

Now that we can jump to the heavens, we need to make our way back to our ship where we first landed on this planet so that we can explore the Engine area of the planet. Leave the Super Jump room and head to the right. In the next screen, we ultimately need to follow the bottom right path, however, in this room, there is another Life Jar and the upper path leads to another monster fight. Take care of those two items and then continue to follow the bottom right path. Follow it up and back left, saving along the way if needed, until you reach a gap in the floor. Jump up a level to where the torch is, this is where we initially started, and loop back way if you would have fallen into the pit initially. Make your way back to the right following the same path back to the ship, I’m not going to go into detail here as you have already been through this entire path.

There are a few things to grab along the way now that you can jump higher:

  • In the next room, you can jump up to the ice ledge to the left and follow the path to another Life Jar as well as a new monster type to defeat.
  • To the right of the elevator, just before entering the surface door, there is a Life Jar that you can jump up to.
  • The monster corpse that had the Polar Edge is now alive, defeat it along your way.
  • Upper Surface:
    • After entering the outside you can jump up to the right to enter the upper section of the surface. This area has 1 Saving Pod, 1 Life Jar, and 3 monsters, though you only fight 2 of them.
    • The Saving Pod is on the top left of the area.
    • The Life Jar is at the left end of the first long corridor.
    • The monsters are all on the top right of the map. This is the first time you will see the wall monster, it has a hand that will target you and tries to grab you every couple of seconds. Just move back and forth and Polar Edge the monster until it’s defeated.

You’ve made it back to the ship, if you need health jump into the ship for a full heal, otherwise, make your way to the left and enter the Engine area. Continue left until reach a verticle shaft and mack your way to the bottom of it and then start heading right. Follow the path until you reach the Saving Pod. Jump on top of it and through the small gap in the ceiling to get another Life Jar. Continue going left, past the crashed ship, to the room with the Interface Unit. Pickup the Interface Unit to unlock this achievement. The Interface Unit allows you to travel across Zipline Terminals.

Power Up the Machine [2 Points] Enable the Engine Power.

With the Interface Unit collected, leave the room and jump straight up to get another Life Jar. Continue right and jump into the monster that appears over the crashed ship, this counts towards the number of monsters defeated. Continue right, saving as go, until you reach the following section, and then take the hidden path through the ceiling. Take the left path and follow it to the Engine Power room, taking the Zipline Terminal along the way. Walk past the computer terminal to enable the engine power and unlock this achievement. With the engine power enabled, the area has now become hostile. This is where the difficulty of the game takes a step up, with harder enemies doing more damage.

These two Polar Shot upgrade achievements can be done in either order. For the sake of this guide, we’ll grab the Core powerup first to reduce the overall amount of backtracking.

Core Polar Shot Upgrade [3 Points] Collect the Polar Shot Core Upgrade.

Exit the engine power room and get ready to fight a new monster type. This one is a bit harder than previous ones, it can fly and does more damage. The hardest part is maneuvering around the room with the three pillars in the way. Make your way back to where you entered through the hidden ceiling path. In the long corridor on your way back, you will run into another new monster type. This guy cannot be defeated with your current weapons and hits like a truck. Hide behind the pillars and sneak by it. If you need to save, you can go down to the Saving Pod we passed earlier, otherwise take the right path using the Zipline Terminal, and follow it until you use a second Zipline Terminal. Go up and to the right until you reach the bottom of the verticle shaft we initially descended after first entering the Engine area.

Navigate your way up the shaft and take the first path on the left. Follow the path to the end, grabbing the Life Jar along the ceiling line on the way, You can ignore the second Life Jar you see, we’ll grab that later. You’ll eventually find yourself in a room with another flying monster, take care of it and make your way back to the verticle shaft. Climb to the very top of the shart and enter the room to find yet another flying monster that needs vanquishing. Defeat it and make your way back down the shaft, taking the path on the right side and following it out of the engine area back to the Surface. Refill your health at the ship and make your way back down to Irula.

From the elevator, head right, jump up the ledge, and grab the Life Jar. Continue heading right and take the elevator down to the Core. Continue right, drop down the large hole, and make your way left until you reach a fork in the path. Take the upper path and defeat the wall monster at the end of the path. Enter the room behind it and collect the Core Polar Shot upgrade to unlock this achievement. With this upgrade your shots will travel faster and further. ***

Irulia Polar Shot Upgrade [3 Points] Collect the Polar Shot Irulia Upgrade.

Make your way back to the fork and take the lower left path. Jump across the gap, enter the secret path, and defeat the monster. Make your way back to the right until you see a Life Jar in the floor. Use the secret passage straight to the right to get it. Continue following the path right and up the verticle shafts. Take the first path left which leads to a Life Jar sitting on a mushroom. Grab the Life Jar and head left through the secret path, follow it, and defeat the monster at the end. Follow the path back to the verticle shaft and continue heading up. Follow the path all the way left back to the elevator to Irulia. Make your way back to the room before the Polar Shot room, and head down the bottom right path. When you come across the fork take the top path leading to another monster. Take care of it, then cycle back, and take the bottom path in the fork. Follow the path to the final Polar Shot upgrade to unlock this achievement. With this, you can now defeat the large monsters in the Engine as well as open pink doors. ***

Water Ring [3 Points] Collect the Water Ring.

Continue right through the pink door into Treton and save if you need to. In the next room take the top path and defeat the monster in the next room. Leave the room and continue to the right. Make your way up the next screen until you reach the following spot and take the secret path to get a Life Jar. Take the path back and continue going up. Enter the room on the left right above the healing pod and defeat the monster in there. Leave and follow the right path until you reach a large pit at the end. Jump down the pit and take the right path, following it up to the top and taking the elevator leading to Lochiru. This is the water area of the game, this area is essentially just a circle and you will have limited mobility in the water until the Water Ring is collected. Take the left path in the elevator room for another Life Jar. Head back and up a screen then follow the right path all the way around and up until you reach a split in the path, jumping on the small jellyfish to get another Life Jar as you go. The right path leads to the Engine, we’ll get there soon, but for now, head left. Follow the path around until you reach the first fish-type monster, you can defeat it now or drop down and go right to get the Water Ring to unlock this achievement and then defeat without water physics. ***

Cool Off the Core [2 Points] Enable the Frost System.

After collecting the Water Ring, head left and then up through the large hole. Head right, picking up the Life Jar on the way. Save if you need to and head right some more, you should recognize this room, you were just here a few minutes ago. Take the path up, now that you can jump up there, and follow it to the next room. Climb up to the next room and walk path the computer terminal to enable the Frost System and unlock this achievement. We can now enter get the map and enter the remaining areas of the Core. ***

Cartographer [3 Points] Collect the Map.

We have some cleanup to do in Lochiru and the Engine before getting the map. Loop back around Lochiru to the fork where you previously took the left path. This time we want to take the right path. Follow it into the Engine, there is a small path through the ceiling in this first room leading to a Life Jar. The bottom left of the room has another Life Jar. Grab both of them and continue to the right, we need to take care of the two big monsters in this area. Take the path right until you reach the big monster and defeat it by hiding behind the pillars and shooting it when clear. You cannot hit the monster with a shot while behind the pillar and when the monster is defeature it leaves a small explosion that can damage you. Follow the path right, down the elevator, and take the path through the ceiling towards the engine power room. There is a save pod down here if you need a life refill, otherwise, go left and defeat the last monster in this area.

Make your way back to Lochiru afterwards. Follow the same loop path as before going counterclockwise. In the first large room, you can jump on top of the jellyfish and grab a Life Jar on the top right of the room. Keep on the same path until you reach the narrow path in the floor. Before dropping in there you want to go into the left room and defeat another fish monster. Afterwards, you can take the path down and get the last Life Jar of this area.

Cleanup in Lochiru is complete, now let’s get the map. Make your way back to the Treton elevator. Take the elevator down and then follow the path until you reach a split in the path. Take the right path, following it down and right until you reach the first room past the save pod. Enter the room on the top left and head left until you reach Ashter ice fishing. Talk to him a few times to receive the map and unlock this achievement. You can view the Map from the pause menu, viewing individual areas of the planet and the status of collection for each one as well as the location where all the monsters and Life Jars are located.

At this point you should have 5 Life Jars left to collect and 6 monsters left to defeat, so let’s get to it. Retrack back to the way you came until you reach the fork after the pink door, this time taking the lower path. Follow it until you reach the second fork and take the lower path again. Defeat the monster and then continue your way back to the left. Collect the Life Jar in the next room over before continuing further up. Take the pink door to the left and follow it back to Irulia. Continue through Irulia to the core elevator, defeating the monster in the hallway as you go. When you get to the room just before where the Power Shot was located. There is a room to the left and a room to the right, both containing Life Jars. Grab the Life Jar in the room on the left, we’ll grab the one on the right on our way back here. Make your way to the Core elevator for now.

Once in the Core, drop down into the heated area using the middle path and defeat the flying monster. Take the right path and then drop down in the next room. This will drop you down a very long shaft. Grap the Life Jar in the next room and follow the path to the left. Enter the monster path and defeat the flying monster in there. Leave the room and continue left into the next room, there is a Saving Pod you can use, otherwise, jump up the waterfall and proceed through this room. In the next room take the first path upwards and continue to follow it up. You’ve been here before, from here we just want to go back to Irulia to the room before the Polar Shot. Now we want to take the middle right room to grab Life Jar we skipped just a few minutes ago. Jump through the water path right next to the Life Jar for a quick shortcut and head left until you fall through a small path in the room past the healing pod. Follow it until you hit a fork and take the bottom passage. Follow it to the final Life Jar and then come back and follow the path left.

At this point, you should have all Life Jars and 2 monsters remaining. Continue through the left path, past the monster passage until you reach a Saving Pod, make sure you save here. Make your way up and into the next room to fight the final monster of Irula. In this fight, you need to break both the tentacles that are attached to the ceiling and the monster. After doing so the monster will fall onto the bottom platform allowing you to do damage to it. During this fight, there will be small flying monsters respawning and chasing you. You have full health, so this should be a pretty easy fight.

Quick Escape [5 Points] Reach the ship with at least 20 seconds remaining.

The escape sequence will begin after entering the next room. You have 100 seconds to reach the ship, otherwise, you will die. Take the path left, jumping over all the spikes, and then take the Zipline Terminal. This takes you to Treton, follow the path up towards the Surface elevator. When you get there it will be destroyed, keep following the path to the right, through the Surface, again jumping over the spike sections. Follow the path upward and towards the ship. Reach the ship with at least 20 seconds left to unlock this achievement. If you fail, you can reload the save before the last monster and try again. ***

End The Suffering [10 Points] Complete the game.
Irulia Completionist [10 Points] Complete the game with 100% completion.

If you have followed the guide up to this point you have collected all the items for 100% completion

After Escaping, Asther will thank you for helping him live peacefully on the new planet with his animals. Congratulations, you beat the game…right…nope, there is still more. Make your way through this next section until you reach a bed. Save here, enter the next room to pick up the Polar Edge again, and then head into the next room to take on the final fights of the game. The final boss has three phases, none of them are too particularly difficult, but losing on any of them will bring you back to your last save. Here are the three phases laid out and some tips for beating them.

Phase 1
WARNING: This phase contains flashing lights which may not be suitable for photosensitive epilepsy.

In the first phase, she will hover in the same area and lightning bolts will strike down doing 4 damage if they hit you. The lightning bolts will follow where you are but will have a delay when they strike. You can see on the floor an indicator of where they will strike. Alternate back and forth jumping up to attack, either with the Polar Edge or Polar Shot, both will do the same amount of damage. After cutting phase 1 to half health the lightning strikes will happen twice as fast. In this part I recommend only attacking on one side, allowing time to dodge the lightning strikes. If you lose your rhythm just run to the side and resync with the frequency of the strikes.

Phase 2
In this phase, the corpse on the blade in the background will reanimate and chase after you, slowly. Hands will also rise from the ground to attack you. Getting hit by either will do 2 damage. Nothing too difficult about this phase, you need to attack with the Polar Shot to do damage. Just avoid the boss and attack when you have distance, eventually, the phase will be complete.

Phase 3
This phase is the hardest of the three as it required learning the attacks of the enemy and reacting to them fast enough to avoid taking damage. I recommend taking some time and learning the moves before trying to deal damage. If you stand just over the ‘O’ in Nimola, you can avoid the need to move left and right to dodge the attacks. The scythe attacks from the mouth do 1 damage and the ground attacks do 3 damage. After a few attacks, a heart will appear at the base of the boss, this is your time to attack. You can do damage by either using the Polar Egde (3 damage) or the Polar Shot (2 damage), though I recommend using the Polar Shot as it’s much safer and removes the need to reposition yourself for dodging the next attacks. This phase is just rinse and repeat, dodge the attacks, and attach when the opening is there until the boss is defeated

Congratulations, now you’ve beaten the game and you should have unlocked both of these achievements, assuming you have been following this guide fully to get the 100% achievement. After the ending credits, you will be taken to a screen showing your time and completion percentage. ***

The Reality [1 Point] Reach “The End” screen after completing the game.

After beating the game, reload the ROM to see an additional cutscene and unlock this achievement. The cutscene shows Rosemary breaking out of a lab pob. This is a reference to waking up from Asther’s lab that was referenced during the final boss dialog.

Challenge Runs

These two are the harder achievements of the set and require knowing the map of the game and the enemy attack patterns fairly well to unlock.

Rapid Repugnant Bounty [25 Points] Complete the game with 100% completion within 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The difficulty in this achievement is more of just knowing where the items are and the quickest way to get them. If you followed this guide then you took a path through the game that allows for completing it within an hour. Not much else to say here other than play through the game now that you’ve beaten it already and see where you land on the completion time.

Here is a video completing the game in 55 minutes to help out. This uses the same path as the guide, with a couple of minor differences.

No Room for Jars [25 Points] Complete the game without collecting any Life Jars.

This one is going to be the hardest in the set, though not particularly difficult in general. With no Life Jar upgrades, you have 4 health throughout the entire game, so even the small enemies are serious threats. The biggest tip I can give is to go out of your way to save as often as you can. Other than that it’s just a matter of learning the enemy attack patterns and progressing through the game the same way as before. The final boss will be the hardest part of the achievement, with only 4 health you are very limited to what hits you can take, if any at all. Here are some tips for the three phases.

Phase 1
Nothing here is any different from what I mentioned above. Alternate back and forth dodging the lightning strikes and hitting the boss when you can. Getting hit by the lightning will take all your health away, and running into the boss will take 1 health away, though ideally you don’t get hit on this phase to allow for more hits in the next two.

Phase 2
This phase is pretty annoying because of the hands and how randomly they reach up to grab you, taking away 2 health. From what I’ve seen, if you immediately head left the hands are more likely to continue to appear throughout the fight. However, if you head right immediately I’ve noticed that more often than not the hands don’t show up at all during the fight. You can jump over the boss to avoid tanking a hit by running immediately to the right, see the video below. From there just stay close and deal damage when you can. If she goes into the ground you can stand still and face the direction you want her to pop out of she will pop out right next to you in that directory.

Phase 3
The strategy for this phase is the same as I mentioned above as well. Learn the patterns and learn how to dodge them, attack when there is an opening, and don’t try to rush anything here. Depending on how many hits you took in the previous two phases, you may be able to get hit as many as three times. Each one of the attacks does 1 damage except for the floor attack, which does 3, avoid that one at all costs. It will probably take a few tries, but overall this achievement is not too bad to get.

Monsters & Life Jars

You can reference the images below to determine and learn the locations of all the monsters, Life Jars, and Saving pods throughout the planet. The images below are from the in-game map.

Surface Monster Hunter [5 Points] Defeat all the monsters in the Surface.
Surface Jar Collector [5 Points] Collect all the Life Jars in the Surface.

Treton Monster Hunter [5 Points] Defeat all the monsters in Treton.
Treton Jar Collector [5 Points] Collect all the Life Jars in Treton.

Engine Monster Hunter [5 Points] Defeat all the monsters in Engine.
Engine Jar Collector [5 Points] Collect all the Life Jars in the Engine.

Lochiru Monster Hunter [5 Points] Defeat all the monsters in Lochiru.
Lochiru Jar Collector [5 Points] Collect all the Life Jars in Lochiru.

Core Monster Hunter [5 Points] Defeat all the monsters in the Core.
Core Jar Collector [5 Points] Collect all the Life Jars in the Core.

Irulia Monster Hunter [5 Points] Defeat all the monsters in Irulia.
Irulia Jar Collector [5 Points] Collect all the Life Jars in Irulia.

Thank you for reading this achievement guide. Wishing you the best of luck in mastering this awesome homebrew game.