Episode 14 - Development: Personal and Beyond

Hello everyone, welcome back and thank you for tuning in with us for another episode of The Retro Achievements Podcast, where we cover a variety of genres, topics, and discuss the bits and bytes of yesteryear!

Today we are diving in on two topics, first: Dev work and set creation, on a segment I’m calling “Development, Personal and Beyond!” There are many ways to construct a set, and what counts as an ‘achievement’ has proved to be subjective among the community; sparking heated debates more than once. From free points to Kaizo, through set bloat and bare-bones progression only, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

In the second half, we put on our water-wings to make sure we stay afloat in those rough seas; and tackle the heated topic of Set Revisions - on a segment I call “Revision Division”. It’s no secret that a revision can be some of the most loved or most loathed events to happen to one’s mastery wall, but what does it really mean; and why does it happen?

For exactly that reason I have my guest here today, Suspect15, to help get some inside perspective from multiple angles - as well as attempt to bridge the gap between Developer and Player, for a more unified future.

Episode 15 - From the Mountain of Myth

Since the dawn of time when people were together, be it around the fire, sharing a meal, or simply passing the time; stories were exchanged. Sometimes a staple of lessons bundled in an entertaining envelope, others a tale to illicit excitement and warning about far off lands, always constructed from their surroundings and what they’ve come to know through experience - Though the topics and location change wildly, the telling of a rousing story is still a practice that seems definitively human, and has carried with us through this very day.

For many of us, what we knew consisted a lot of “Video Games”, and these ‘campfire tales’ on the playground or lunchroom, in no surprising fashion, involved those very discs and cartridges. From Jimmy’s Dad working at Nintendo so he totally knows everything, to Pokémon making kids foam at the mouth - this is the RetroAchievements Podcast “From the Mountain of Myth”!

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