Episode 16 - Junior Bootcamp

Since the websites inception, being built by the community and for the community has been at the forefront of design. Being a voluntary effort all around, this passion project couldn’t be a better example of what it means to set out with determination, grit, and a confidence that says “I can learn a little more, I can become greater, and to me; the laws of my limits are merely a suggestion”

It can be daunting though to set out empty handed when trying to tackle a new skill. Where do I begin? How do I find the resources I need? What does success even look like and how will I know when I get there?

For exactly that reason, I have my two guests here today, Bendy and Fridge - to dig in on what it means to enroll in the junior program, what the experience looks like, how to position yourself to graduate; and discuss a few handpicked sets and recent graduates we’d like to highlight.

Also join us for another round of quiz questions presented by Nydaxn where you can listen to me writhe and search for the answers of “Grad or Had”!

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