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RANews By RANews.

Here’s the list of events that are open to join. This is a good way for players to get involved with the RA community.

For more info, check the Current Competitions and Hall of Fame of RA forum topic.

These events are open to any community member who wants to participate.

Halloween 2023 Event

The Halloween 2023 event has concluded with lots of participation, fanart, and awards to be given out soon. Check out the forum topic for andditional information on the event.

The following number of badges have earned:

  • 115 Gold - Oogie Boogie
  • 145 Silver - Ghostbusters
  • 248 Bronze - Slenderman

As part of the event, players were able to submit fanart earning them a point for the event. Checkout out all the submitted fanart in the Halloween Collage 2023.

Retro Olympics 2023

Retro Olympics is back for another year. The event will take place each Saturday starting in January and running through into March, starting at 5PM UTC. There’s a list of 35 games ready for this years edition, with plenty of room to show off all kind of gamer skills.

Sign ups and additional information on the event can be found at

Devember 2023

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. When the community comes together to smash the everlasting pile of achievement tickets. Devember is an annual event where the community bands together to get through the outstanding tickets for inactive developers that have built up. This helps to improve overall site quality and make earning achievements a better experience for everyone, and those who take part also get an event badge, how’s that for rewards!

Both developers and non-developers can participate and earn a badge by by resolving tickets and providing saves/states for developers to resolve tickets! The Wheel of Doom returns this year as well! However, spinning the wheel is not required in order to attain an event badge. They will help give bonus points though, so go get some spins!

Check out the forum topic or the Devember Discord channels for more information.

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