Halloween Collage 2023

Scott By Scott.

Did you all have a great Halloween? For RetroAchievements this year, ZeeRA ZeeRA and the events team brings you a unique event to celebrate this yearly spooky festivity! Players could choose from a total of 13 spooky games to play, earning a point for each that would reward them with one of three tiered badges depending on their progress. Furthermore, users could participate in one of three distractions for additional points! Providing tips on an achievements was one, with writing a Play This Set another (which you can read in this RANews Issue as well!). The final distraction was fan-art, which we are happy to showcase today!

justyellow shares with us a brilliant Atari crossover, aptly retconning Freddy and Slenderman and more into Atari’s Halloween:

Chauckles may have lost their mind with the Mario hack, it was worth it because they have produced this masterpiece:

Somehow, something happened to MysticCoffee’s version of Scooby-Doo! Classic Creep Capers (Game Boy Color), horrifyingly causing Velma to turn evil?! They provide this chilling evidence:

JustAnotherPoppet has been searching Atari’s Haunted House (Atari 2600) and has been inspired to share the following:

Ah spooks, here we go again. Lokomelo mastered the PS2 hack Grand Theft Auto: Misterix and shares a slender, tender moment:

Justeri55 shares a bat-like moment through this unique Haunted House (Atari 2600) art:

MatheusBrazuca85 draws on William Afton for inspiration after spending 5 nights at Freddy’s, I’d never be brave enough for that!

The pages from Slender’s 8 Pages continue to make their creepy way into the world as austin8259 has found in his Denial fan-art:

We love crossovers here at RA and GreninjaMan’s crossover of Slenderman in FNAF2 paints a picture of a world filled with genuinely horrifying pizzerias. We love it

One of our longest serving veterans of RA StingX2 has provided this very relatable fan-art of Slenderman in dire need of a satnav:

Triforce shares a very familiar moment playing Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The (Atari 2600), being spine-chillingly judged by a feline friend:

Shroomer brings us a real nightmare before Christmas in this high-quality chilling rendition of Oogie Boogie getting his just desserts:

VenHur has produced the ultimate mash-up of all the games they mastered! This one is my favourite as they look like they’re having a Halloween party 🎃🎉

After tackling the frustrating Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The (Atari 2600), produced a brilliant interpretation inspired by the game-over screen:

Mendil provides Jack Skellington’s lament, masterfully underscored by Oogie Boogie’s outline: So much games, So much to achieve, So little time…

Pikacshu captures a (beautifully drawn) fairly horrifying moment of realisation… Slenderman has tentacles?!?

Another of my favourites, TheJediSonic has carefully and masterfully put together a huge gathering of all the Halloween characters at the spooky afterparty. Wish I could be there

WarioFan63 shares another very relatable moment of that final few seconds before mastering Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The (Atari 2600) - the final victim chase for that 30000 points:

Zyndeyqualarrin’s stunning ink render of Slenderman evokes a unique terror really making my blood run cold…

I love this Super Mario 64: Halloween Mayhem fan-art, it’s so well-drawn and perfectly captures Mario’s dread, I want to see more of DeviMetric’s skills!

Incorporating the skull motif 💀 ChveuluTheReal shares with us each of their completions in a terrifying victim line-up. I especially love Scooby and how you’ve actually brought some of these (Atari 2600 games) forward into 16-bit. Very high quality:

abdalin brings us a really clever fan-art showing Pumpkin King/Jack Skellington’s alter-ego. I love the shading, clearly shows off care and attention that’s gone into it:

Poefred shares a touch of Halloweenish expressionism with a disguised/hidden Slenderman creeping on the side. Love it:

Zoinks! After mastering 2 Scooby-Doo titles for the event, Thigos has created a high-quality visage of Shaggy, I can almost hear him saying “Uh, Scoobs?!”

shingo3 brings us a gruesome 11th hour entry showing off some real genuine artistic flair:

We love all the submissions we’ve been fortunate enough to receive for this Halloween’s event, thank-you to everyone who has gotten involved in helping run the event and to everyone who participated! Can’t wait for the next one ❤🎃🦴👻❤