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RAdvantage is bringing you tips for some of the hardest achievements on the site. As always, our DMs remain open at RANews, if you have tips for any 100 point or other very difficult achievements you have earned please let us and the rest of the community know.

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Global Defence Force PlayStation 2 Action, Third-Person Shooter

Achievement Description Points
Trapped! Complete Mission 70 on Inferno difficulty with both characters 25

This could be a 100 points achievement if it wasn’t for a couple of tricks, and it certainly is a 100pts in a Impossible diffculty subset (please no). What makes this mission the most difficult one, by far, is that you start surrounded by 3 groups of the worst enemy the game has to offer: spiders. And a bunch of UFO’s that can do up to 4000 damage and stunlock you on place. There is also a Big Bomber that destroys everything, including the fps, for good measure. And all of them are going to be on you in less than 10 seconds. If you manage to survive all of this, there is a second phase whith a pack of mini-bombers, a big spider, 3 tripods, and a huge centipede. Not easy.

Now, the first obvious trick is to farm thousands of armor to pump your HP to 30k for Storm or 20k for Palewing and blast one group and kite the others while picking some hp. I wasn’t going to waste hundreds of hours farming so much hp, so I looked for alternatives.

The second trick is an oversight by the developers, or a glitch if you want to call it that. When a player receives explosion damage falls to the ground and becomes invincible during the whole animation. The “palewing suicide technique” consists in aiming at the floor with the Palewing and shoting constantly with an explosive, low damage weapon like Plasma Shot or Rapid Mirage, baiting the aliens to shoot you while you are immortal and allowing a second player to kill them all. This trick allows you to clear most of the missions, but not this one. As the set allows you to unlock achievements in 2 player mode, you can use this to clear everything, but it’s only really necessary for 8 or 10 missions.

The problem with “Trapped!” is that you are still surrounded and the enemies are coming to you fast. Also the damn spiders can break sometimes the suicide chain killing the palewing.

What I did was first clear the mission with two Palewings. One does the suicide trick, the other escapes the trap flying on top of the Big Bomber in order to get all the UFOs and spiders on the first. Once im far away, I killed the big bomber and went to kill everything that surrounded the suiciding Pale with ThunderBow 30. This may require a few tries because, as I said, the spiders can break the chain. Once the first wave of enemies is dead, the second one is a cakewalk if you stay behind the Palewing suiciding. This way I managed to clear all Inferno missions with the Palewing, unlocking its last weapon, the Armaggedon Cluster. This weapon does 1 million damage in a frontal area, but you can only use it once in a minute or so.

Then comes the hard part: Storm and Palewing. I started the mission throwing the Armaggedon Cluster in front, which clears the Big Bomber and a few Spiders, and start suiciding. With Storm, armed with G Launcher UM-XA and Thunder Strike Z (ideally G Launcher UMV2 and Hercury) running upfront killing the remaining spiders and UFOs. If you can kill the frontal enemies and Palewing survives, the mission is done. This, however, took me dozens and dozens of tries, because with sub 6000hp, a single spider can one shoot you at close range or a couple of laser barrage, and even if you manage to escape the trap, Palewing can be killed by the spiders. If you manage to survive, you have to leave one UFO alive and circle the map to go at the back of the stage before the second wave of enemies spawn.

If you manage to do it, having Palewing between you and the enemies, those will attack her and you can clear them easily at a distance.

None of this is useful for Impossible difficulty. In Impossible your life is limited to 1000hp for Storm and 500hp for Palewing. That’s why it should be worth 100 points in a subset (please no). There are 4 videos of Impossible clears with Palewing solo, and claims of Storm solo clear which I won’t believe unless I see a video of it. Those strategies are valid for Inferno too, but I couldn’t manage to do any of them in hundreds of tries.

Three of them abuse the fact that you can ride the Big Bomber. If you do, this enemy starts flying upwards infinitely. Up there you can throw Armaggedon Clusters for half an hour clearing the first wave. Or you can, after some minutes, go to a corner of the map and fly backwards firing Plasma Grenade F to your feet for 5 or 6 energy charges. If you do this correctly, all the spiders and UFOs will group up in the corner and should be dead before you touch the ground. The other way is after some riding, flying backwards in one border of the map and as the spiders and UFOs get in line, some of them even will stuck in place, shot them down with ThunderBow 30 carefully managing your energy.

For the second wave, if you are in the border of the map and flying at a decent altitude, the minibombers will group up in front of you and you can kill them easily with Master Rapier, Thunderbow or even the Plasma grenade. For the big spider it’s better to be close to her and it will fall with 2 charges of ThunderBow or very fast with Master Rapier, especially if you wait for her at her spawn. The tripods will go down fast too, but you have to be very careful to aproach them while they are firing lasers. If they start the machinegun it’s over.

The centipede can be killed at a distance with ThunderBow but it’s ridiculously hard to avoid the hundreds of bullets it sends. You can use a glitch and enter one of the buildings and effortlessly kill it as it can’t destroy buildings. A well thrown Armaggedon Cluster can get rid of it in its entirety.

You can see all of this in this two videos:

And then there is this person who cleared it in Inferno, but with the 500 base hp making it like Impossible, without the use of any glitch:

Finally, if you have a friend or family member to control the second player all of this can be made a bit easier. And you can also try another thing: you can jump with Storm on the shoulder of the Palewing and if positioned correctly fly on top of the Big Bomber. I managed to do it several times, but its difficult to properly use two controllers at the same time as a solo player. If you play with another person not only you will have more fun, but maybe you even develop a different strategy to clear this insane mission.

Good luck!