Eternal Eyes

Game Console Genre
Eternal Eyes PlayStation Strategy, Tactical RPG


  • Achievement set difficulty: 4/10
  • Estimated time to complete: ~12-15 hours
  • Number of play throughs necessary: 1
  • Missable achievements: 16/46


Eternal Eyes was released on December 2nd, 1999 in Japan and November 17th, 2000 in North America. Developed by TamTam, and published by Sunsoft and Crave Entertainment, it was not met with favorable reviews. The game is credited as having a dull storyline, tedious grind, and an overly convoluted puppet evolution system by most publications of the time. The translation for localization outside of Japan is considered even worse. With many grammar errors, and even game crashing bugs due to the poor effort made, most consider it laughable at best. Some would argue that the horrible translations gives it a unique bit of charm, though.

The story revolves around Luke, and his sister Elena, as they discover that they are from the Crimson Eyed tribe that can control Magical Puppets. The main antagonists are trying to resurrect the Goddess of Destruction, Luna and it’s up to Luke to stop them using his puppets. The game checks off many of the tropes of the time and the difficulty of the game is considered rather low. It’s a pretty barebones game but has a surprisingly in-depth evolution system. It feels like the game wasn’t ever quite sure what it wanted to be. It had a lot of potential but is considered to have fallen a bit short in the end.


All achievements can be obtained in a single play through. Missable achievements are listed first, to make them easier to find, so they’ll be out of the normal RA order. Some non-progression achievements that aren’t missable will be listed afterwards, mainly for clarification. Some achievements won’t be listed if they’re unavoidable, or their description is painfully obvious, such as “Reach level 10”.

Important: All missable achievements, except [Thor’s Hammer?], can’t be obtained in New Game+! If any are missed, a new play through will have to be done!


Thor’s Hammer? [m]

Obtain the Mjornir

  • This item can only be found in Shillay’s Tower during Chapter 8 and is dropped by the yellow Dogu enemies on the 5th floor. The final fight of the dungeon is on the 6th floor, so make sure to avoid it until after you’ve found it. Once you beat the 6th floor, the chapter ends, and you can’t return to the dungeon portion of Shillay’s Tower!

Note: If anyone has found it anywhere else, please let me know, and I’ll update the guide accordingly.


Defeat the Boss… [m]

Each “Boss” achievement, except for Gentleman, has the same requirements:

Defeat (boss), without damaging any other enemy, with a maximum group size of 3 [First Playthrough]

  • If any enemies HP drops below max for any reason, the achievement will lock, and you’ll have to reset to try again. Enemies can’t damage each other so the only way for them to take damage is from your team. Be careful using Jewels to set traps for the boss because any character on the map can set them off, both friend and foe.

  • Max group size of 3 means Luke and two puppets. You’ll need to return to the puppet room in your house and drop off a puppet if you have a full team.

  • If you leave a dungeon, you can go directly back to the boss fight. You don’t have to redo the whole dungeon, unlike the “Fear” achievements. I recommend saving before the fight so you can reset if you accidentally hit an enemy or Luke dies.

  • A puppet “dying” and turning back into a doll doesn’t matter. As long as Luke is the last man standing, you’re good to go!

  • A “Fear” achievement will always trigger before the boss fight. It’s a good reminder to save and prepare.

  • Chapter 9 has a back-to-back boss rush. Garland, Jaress, and Lolita on the 9th Floor, Demon on the 10th, and Vorless on the 11th.

  • There’s no dungeon in Chapter 10. The only fight is Luna, on the Top Floor in Villee Fort, which is why there’s no “Fear” achievement for that chapter.


Gentleman [m]

Defeat Garland and Jaress, without damaging Lolita, with a maximum group size of 3 [First Playthrough]

  • The same rules from the other boss achievements still apply with one key exception: you must fight Lolita last.

  • Jaress is a tank with over 900HP and Garland has very high evasion. Which one you defeat first doesn’t matter. The challenge here is that Lolita’s a healer. Defeating the other two first can be a bit of a pain if you can’t output enough damage to outpace her healing. Being short one puppet only complicates things more.

  • You can’t damage Lolita at all until the other two are defeated. Be careful if you plan to use AOE spells, or place down Jewels as traps, as to not accidentally hit her with one.

  • The easiest way to do the fight, in my opinion, is to take out Garland first. He has high evasion, and your attacks may miss, but he can be taken out in a single turn if everyone hits. Bring a couple of powerful puppets and equip them with your best Attack Power items (such as Mjornir if you happen to have any). I recommend the B.W. Pappet because it has the highest stats of any puppet and the second furthest movement range.

  • With Garland down early, you don’t have to worry about him while you deal with Jaress’ high HP and Lolita trying to keep him alive. She heals between 500-600HP each cast so you need to be able to put out some hefty damage. A strong puppet with good attack boosting equipment should be able to put out ~350 damage each. Magic is rather underpowered can’t compare to the raw damage output of physical attacks.

  • Lolita has the least HP of the three and will go down pretty easily. Her damage output isn’t all that much in comparison to the other two.

Eternal_Eyes_032_Lost_Forest_(Badge) Eternal_Eyes_033_Hall_Of_Dolls_(Badge) Eternal_Eyes_034_Gross_Kingdom_(Badge) Eternal_Eyes_035_Lost_Forest2_(Badge) Eternal_Eyes_036_Stone_Ruins_(Badge) Eternal_Eyes_037_Hall_Of_Dolls2_(Badge) Eternal_Eyes_038_Shileys_Tower_(Badge) Eternal_Eyes_039_Villey_Fort_(Badge)

Fear of Magic Powers… [m]

Each “Fear” achievement has the same requirements:

In Chapter (X): Complete the (location) in one session, dealing only physical damage, and without losing a team member. [First Playthrough]

  • “In one session” means starting from the first fight of the chapter and going all the way to the end. You can go back to town if necessary but it’ll reset your achievement progress. You can retry as many times as you need, no resetting required, as long as you start from the first fight of the chapter each time.

  • Each achievement must be done during their respective chapters. Once you beat the final floor, the chapter ends directly afterwards. They can’t be done in New Game+ and will require a new play through if missed.

  • Boss fights are excluded since they have separate achievements. For chapters 2, 4, 7, and 9, the achievement will trigger before the boss fights instead. This is so you can use a max team of 4 for the dungeon and still be able to meet the requirements for the boss achievements afterwards.

  • Skipping floors you’ve already cleared, or loading a save file to continue from a later floor, won’t start the achievement. If the achievement icon doesn’t appear, or disappears during a fight, you failed an achievement requirement and will need to retry from the first floor.

Allowed in combat:

  1. Physical Attacks
  2. Status effect spells/jewels/items
  3. Healing spells/jewels/items

Not allowed in combat:

  1. Spells/jewels/items that deal damage
  2. Setting jewel traps that can deal damage
  3. A puppet being reduced to 0 HP and turning back into a doll



Obtain the Glamorous Armor

  • Obtained as a drop in Villee Fort starting in Chapter 9. Most commonly dropped on the 10th Floor after the Demon fight.

  • You can also buy the armor… if you can get the game to let you. The way the game tracks money is a bit buggy. Even if you’re showing 99,999 Maica, you can’t buy it until you’ve earned enough Maica in battle. If not, the game doesn’t recognize that you have the money to buy it. You’ll probably find it before the game will let you buy it, anyway.


Shooting Stars

Obtain the Meteor Breaker

  • Obtained as a drop in Villee Fort starting in Chapter 9. Most commonly dropped on the 10th Floor after the Demon fight.


Gawain’s Broken Legacy

Obtain the Gawain’s or Broken Bow

  • The Broken Bow is obtained as a drop from the Unicorn enemies starting in Chapter 9. They’re most commonly found on the 4th and 6th Floor.

Note: Gawain’s Bow is… somewhere, but we’re unable to find it in the North American version. The item may be bugged and won’t drop. It’s a mystery for the ages! If anyone has any information about this MIA bow, please let me know, and I’ll update the guide accordingly.



Obtain the Hornet

  • Obtained as a drop in Villee Fort starting in Chapter 9. Most commonly dropped on the 10th Floor after the Demon fight.


Statue with a Suspicious Name

Obtain a Statue of Evil D.

  • Obtained as a drop in the House of Dolls after beating Ceris in Chapter 7. Return to the dungeon afterwards to farm for it at any time.


Bulk Purchase

Spend 30,000 or more Maica in a single transaction

  • You must purchase at least 30,000 worth of stuff in a single lump sum purchase. Spending 20,000 on weapons and 10,000 on armor doesn’t count. Can be obtained at the same time as [Splendor] by purchasing the Glamorous Armor… if the game will let you.

Eternal_Eyes_014_Red_(Badge) Eternal_Eyes_015_Green_(Badge) Eternal_Eyes_016_Blue_(Badge) Eternal_Eyes_017_Pink_(Badge) Eternal_Eyes_018_Yellow_(Badge) Eternal_Eyes_019_White_(Badge)


Each “Collector” achievement has the same requirements:

Have 9 of every (color) jewel in your inventory at the same time

  • Each jewel color has four subtypes: Holy, Beast, Power, and Wisdom. You can only carry 9 of each subtype, per color, for a total of 36 jewels each.

  • You must have them in your inventory for them to count. The number of jewels the achievements track will increase as you earn them decrease as you use them.

  • This isn’t as tedious as it may seem. If you leave the Pappet Book achievements for the late game, and don’t blow through tons of jewels along the way, you’ll end up with all six Collector achievements long before you beat the final dungeon. Especially if you decided to grind for the item drop achievements.


Jewel Hoarder

Have 50 total jewels in your inventory

  • Like the Collector achievements, they must be in your inventory to count. Unlike the Collector achievements, it doesn’t matter what color or type they are. You just need a total of 50 in your pocket. You’ll probably earn this by accident as you go.

Eternal_Eyes_011_50_Muppets_(Badge) Eternal_Eyes_012_100_Muppets_(Badge) Eternal_Eyes_013_169_Muppets_(Badge)

Puppets in the Pappet Book

Register 25, 75, and all 169 Puppets in your Pappet Book

No, that’s not a typo. I guess the game’s translation team couldn’t decide on what to call them. Therefore, you add Puppets to your Pappet Book. They’re Mappemon in the instruction manual… Don’t ask.

  • Many of the peppets can be obtained from more than one type of ploppet in a very convoluted evolution system. There are 36 different “base” purppets, one for each jewel color/subtype. All 169 stem from those 36 in some manner over the course of 5 total evolution levels.

  • When you use a jewel on a Doll, you’ll get a specific base peepet. Ex: a Red Beast jewel will always yield an Elekin. After you have your base pourpet, only the jewel color is important and the subtype becomes irrelevant.

  • To evolve the plappet to stage 2, you need to use one of two specific colors on it. That’s right about where it stops making sense.

  • There’s a total of 5 stages before it can’t evolve any further. The level requirements for each stage are: 1, 3, 8, 15, and 30. If a porpoise dies, or you turn it back into a doll yourself, it keeps all levels it earned. This means you don’t have to grind levels every time you decide your doll needs a new makeover.

  • My recommendation for filling out the book, in the least painful way possible, is pick a stage 5 pappet you don’t have, work your way backwards on the evolution chart to the base pappet, and follow the evolution chain from there. Aiming for those first will fill in about ~110-120 of them in your book. There are 52 unique stage 5 puppets and 768 possible ways to get them. It’s ok if you need a moment to cry, I won’t judge.

  • A max inventory of jewels is nowhere near enough to get them all so buckle in for the grind! You have to get the level 99 and item drop achievements anyway, right? The best way to farm for jewels is to get a team of Stage 5 puppets with really good Magic Attack, equip them with the best MA accessories you have, and start each fight by casting the strongest spell each one has. Spells with the highest power hit every enemy on the map. Most fights should be over before round one is finished. Where and what you fight makes no difference when farming jewels. All enemies can drop all jewels so just pick somewhere that has a lot of enemies per battle that you can kill quickly. Stronger dungeons usually have more enemies per fight.

  • Blank dolls will eventually start dropping from enemies. I recommend turning one into a plurpet, level it up to 30 real quick, and endlessly reset that one over and over. This way, you don’t have to turn any of your good ones into a doll just to fill out your book. There’s no real point in having so many dolls. Your max team size is four and you only need one to endlessly reset. I ended up with about 20 extra dolls in my inventory collecting dust.

Luckily, some poor soul on the internet, who isn’t me, did all the hard work and completed a full evolution chart of all possible combinations! I shall now impart this vast tome of knowledge unto you. I’ll also link a Puppet Stat guide so you can see which pappets are the best of the best. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Puppet Evolution Guide

Puppet Stat List

A big thank you to taterz for reorganizing the evolution guide to make it easier to follow.