Spot The Difference

Last Month’s Winners

🥈 Grawl Grawl 🥉 Whoops Whoops
crrool crrool Tayadaoc Tayadaoc abdalin abdalin JAM JAM
Prota Prota AfroRyan AfroRyan LordKingGundam LordKingGundam Agnam Agnam
EvilSaturn EvilSaturn Raichi Raichi Jungon Jungon justyellow justyellow
Yeriko Yeriko Gloves Gloves

ToeJam and Earl love to do parties and so they do another one today. After a while Earl mentions that the party is similar to another one they had except 10 things. Can you find all 10 differences?

About the Game

Game Console Genre
ToeJam & Earl Mega Drive Roguelike

Note: Every user who finds all 10 differences and sends proof to SporyTike via Site DM or Discord will be listed in the next issue. Additionally a random selected user who submitted the solution until the end of the month will be chosen to select the game of the next picture.